Great tips to pick the perfect major for you

One of the most important moments in our academic careers is choosing our majors when we enter college. Our entire schooling history has built up to this decision and it could change the trajectory of our future. Will we become an astrophysicist planning how we are going to sustain life on Mars? Will we become a budding jazz musician touring the country to some of the most coveted festivals? Will we return to college as lecturers to impart invaluable insight with new students joining the ranks? The possibilities are endless, though the course is largely dependent on this specific decision. In saying so, it can be an incredibly daunting decision only made more difficult by the fact that no amount of schooling will appropriately prepare you for the kinds of elevated practical and theory you will be learning during your major. To help make your decision somewhat easier, we have outlined a few crucial tips to consider as the moment to pick your major draws ever so closer:

Pinpoint your beliefs and values

As a child we dream of becoming this or doing that, dreams that may have fueled our desire during our early schooling years, but, we have grown so much since then and have established a firm set of beliefs and values that sit at the core of who we are. Often, our careers may not be linked to the results that we achieved for some subject but rather ways in which we see our jobs fulfilling and reflecting our values. We may establish a non-profit organization instead of pursuing chemistry or we may become a venture capitalist instead of enrolling in an anthropology major. Understanding who we are and what we wish to get out of the working world, and then aligning these with our beliefs, is the first step to picking the perfect major.

Great tips to pick the perfect major for you

Take some time to get to know the majors

Besides doing in-depth internet research and connecting with others from different majors to gain insight into the course, it can be extremely valuable to sit in on an introductory course into specific majors. Spending a little bit of your free time now exploring what each major has to offer can save you a substantial amount of time if you would otherwise end up pursuing a major you are not satisfied with and consider dropping out. It is important to spend your college time wisely and check out what the courses have to offer will only benefit your academic career.

Make use of elective credits

As you become more and more familiar with the college systems, you will begin to realize that your first major does not necessarily have to dictate your career path. There are ways in which you can readjust your job trajectory by utilizing your elective credits effectively. Use these opportunities to explore alternative courses, gaining a broader perspective of the world as a result and opening up a greater pool of job opportunities further down the line. Even if you don’t pursue these as career paths, they can support the development of engaging hobbies that may bring more happiness alongside your job.

Great tips to pick the perfect major for you

There you have it, three things you can start doing to help you pick the perfect major. These will not guarantee a fruitful and fulfilled career but rather help you set a solid foundation for attaining these working desires.