Foreign series that are worth watching despite the subtitles

We all love a good TV show binge-watching session every once and a while but sometimes it can feel as though we’ve already watched everything at least once. You’ve already watched all of Westworld, 13 Reasons Why, and GLOW, so what’s left for you to watch? Don’t overlook some foreign TV shows, just because you’ll have to read along with the subtitles doesn’t mean they aren’t great. We’ve found some of the best foreign television shows you need to binge now, so stop what you’re doing and get yourself in front of a TV!


3% is an ambitious project set in a dystopian version of Brazil. The world is in disarray, and everyone on the planet is competing to become a member of the 3%; an idyllic community set high above everybody else containing just 3% of the world’s population. It first aired on Netflix in 2017 and proved to be a massive hit for the streaming company, becoming the second most devoured show, even more popular than 13 Reasons Why. Despite being such a huge hit globally, few Americans have watched it. The show challenges its characters to perform a grueling set of tasks to be deemed good enough to enter the 3%. If you love The Hunger Games, you’ll enjoy spending time in this dystopian world.


Stranger Things was a breakout success for Netflix in 2016. It gave audiences the hit of ‘80s nostalgia we had all been waiting for. While American audiences were busy getting a supernatural nostalgia fix with Stranger Things, German audiences were bingeing their very own supernatural thriller set in the ‘80s. Dark follows the story of two children who mysteriously vanish in a small German town and the secrets of the people living there slowly spill out as a search party scours the landscape in search of the lost boys. The show soon becomes a mystery that grips you, making you watch more and more until finally all of the secrets of the German town are revealed.


Marseille is a French TV series starring Gerard Depardieu that very much has a House of Cards vibe to it. Depardieu stars as the mayor of Marseille who is trying to run the impressive city. His position is under threat from a young pretender to his throne, who is sleeping his way all the way to the top and Depardieu’s character must use all his experience to remain in his position. The real star of the show is the wonderful location, the entire series is filmed in Marseille and features many famous landmarks in the busy city.


If you have plenty of time to invest in a new series then check out Celia. Although just one season, there are 80 episodes for you to binge. The show tells the story of legendary Latin music star, Celia Cruz. It begins in the ‘50s and follows her career as she struggles against public perceptions to rise as one of the biggest Latino stars in the world. We learn how just an ordinary woman managed to live a truly extraordinary life while in the middle of the Cuban revolution as well as highlighting some of the prejudices that existed then and some argue still do today.

If you’ve run out of English-speaking TV shows to watch but want to spend your weekend on the couch binge-watching something, then check out some of these foreign shows. Yeah, you’ll have to read the subtitles, but you aren’t going to regret it!