Five perfect Netflix hacks

Although we could spend our free time going outside and interacting with the human race, we just don’t wanna. Please don’t make us? We’d much rather stay inside with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for company, as well as a whole host of Netflix options. While some of you may be wondering how we take care of ourselves when we’re constantly watching TV shows and movies, you’ll be happy to know that Netflix checks up on us every once in a while just to check that we haven’t completely melted into our couch. They’re nice like that. Yet, have you ever wondered whether you’re getting as much out of your Netflix viewing experience as you’d like? These hacks will change your life.

Five perfect Netflix hacks

Host a Netflix Party!

Has your significant other ever had to go away for work and left you in a Netflix lurch? You really want to carry on watching the show you’ve been binge-watching, but they had to go and be responsible adults to pay the bills. Eugh, it sucks. Not only does this mean that you won’t be able to carry on watching the next episode, but it also means that you’ll have to start watching something completely different to pass the time. It’s a nightmare. Thankfully, Netflix Party exists, which means that you can watch the same show as another person – even if they’re hundreds of miles away. Yep, this shareable extension means that you can host your very own Netflix party with people around the globe, so you don’t have to binge on your own.

Constantly skip the intros

Although it’s always fun to watch the intro of a new television series when you first start watching, it gets pretty darn tedious when you have to get up out of your comfortable position in bed and click “Skip Intro” each time you finish an episode. But what if we told you that you didn’t have to do that anymore? There is a cool new Chrome extension called SkipFlix that allows you to constantly skip the intros without having to do anything. This way, you can carry on watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine without losing your buzz.

Sort your movies by its release date

Have you ever just really wanted to watch a movie from the ‘90s? Movies from the ‘00s or the ‘80s just won’t cut it – you want the ‘90s, and you want it now. Thanks to the Netflix categories, it seems almost impossible to determine when the movies in each category has been released. They all mesh together, and you’re suddenly incredibly overwhelmed by all of the option. However, if you really want to watch a movie from the ‘90s, you can sort your movies. All you need to do is click on the category of your choice and find a box with four small dots in the middle of it at the side of the page. Click on this and then click on “Suggestions for You.” Here, it will give you the chance to sort your movies by release date.

Change the game with a flip

If you watch Netflix while lying on your side in bed, you might find that it’s often difficult to really see what’s going on. Although your brain tries its best to take in the screen straight on, your sideways eyes struggle to keep up. Amazingly, one genius decided to create a hack for that, and so Netflix Flip was invented. This Chrome extension allows you to flip the screen 90 degrees so that it plays on its side. This is a much better angle for you if you’re laying down, and will allow you to enjoy your chosen Netflix TV show or movie with ease. What could be better than that?

Five perfect Netflix hacks

Binge watch at different times

Do you ever get fed up with your Netflix buffering all of the time? There’s nothing worse than getting right into an episode of The Crown when your video buffers and you’re just staring at your greasy, chocolate-covered face of shame in the reflection of your laptop. However, Digital Trends have found that buffering is reduced and video-quality is improved when less people are watching Netflix. So, you might wanna tell your boss that you won’t be in during the day because that’s prime Netflix-watching time.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your Netflix experience, these Netflix hacks will be right up your street.