The eight coolest gadgets for tech lovers for under $250

Do you have some gadget-obsessed friends and family members whom you want to surprise? Or maybe you’re looking to buy yourself something special. Well, you’re in the right place. There are plenty of advanced and ultimate tech gifts that don’t have to burn your wallet. Impress your tech-savvy recipients with the following gadgets for tech lovers for under $250.

1. Bose Sleep Earbuds ($249.95)

Bose Sleep Earbuds are ingeniously designed for sleep only. All you need to do is plug these soothing sleep earbuds into your ears when you go to sleep. The calming tones of falling rain or ocean waves will drift you off to sleep without you knowing.

2. Sonos One ($199)

Sonos One is a compact plug-n-play speaker unit that utilizes your WI-FI network for streaming music in any space of your home. You can pair different units for bigger sound depending on your unique needs and preferences. The Sonos One’s biggest selling point is that the unit has a built-in Amazon Alexa.

3. Courant Charger ($175)

Courant charger is a sleek wireless charging pad that you can use across all your smartphone devices. The product is made from a genuine Italian leather material. To charge your phone, just set it on the pad and allow up to three hours to fully charge. Courant charging pads contain an accessories compartment and come in cream, black, and gray hues.

4. Philips Hue Starter Kit ($150)

The most efficient light bulbs you can buy today are long-lived LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are smart bulbs that allow you to take your savings a notch higher. These smart bulbs give you the capability to create schedules with a smartphone and have total control over them.

5. Snap Spectacles ($149)

Snap Spectacles are camera glasses which enable you to capture high-definition photos and videos with absolute ease and speed. Its manufacturer, Snap, has scrapped yellow ring frames that were available previously and replaced with more sophisticated ones. Snap’s camera glasses are water-resistant and may include the option of prescription lenses if you like.

6. Fitbit Altar HR ($129)

The Fitbit Alta is a sleek fitness tracker that makes a good alternative to utilitarian-looking fitness trackers. How it looks doesn’t matter, though. What’s important is that this device will not only get you heart-rate monitoring function but also a tap-to-activate display with text, call, and calendar alerts.

Furthermore, the gadget gets you movement reminders, automatic exercise and sleeping tracking, and boasts a breath-taking seven-day battery life.

7. Roku Ultra ($89)

It’s easy to ditch cable thanks to the Roku Ultra, which gives you access to thousands of streaming channels such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and PBS kids among others. Roku Ultra is compatible with standard high-definition TVs as well as newer 4K Ultra HD. It boasts a search feature which allows you to locate specific programs across all channels. What’s more, the streaming box comprises a lost-remote finder.

8. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Hard Drive ($80)

This is a portable, shock-resistant hard drive that’s ideal for tech lovers searching for reliable access to more data storage space on the go. It has anywhere between 250 gigabytes and 2 terabytes of space. It has no moving parts and keeps all your files and documents safe whenever and wherever you need them.

What’s more, the SanDisk Portable SSD Hard Drive is small enough to fit in your pocket. It can withstand a number of external elements such as water and dust. Also, it’s compatible with both PCs and Macs.