The best smartphones you can find on the market

Most people in the world today own a cell phone. The vast majority of these are smartphones made by Apple, Samsung, or any of the other big brands out there. The smartphone market is so saturated with choice these days that it can feel impossible to know which one to go for. Considering the rate that new phones are released as well, it often feels like we’ll never be able to be ahead of the trend for long. However, for right now, these are the best smartphones you can find on the market.

LG G7 ThinQ

Starting things off is the LG G7 ThinQ. It’s not the best for battery life, with the phone usually struggling to last for more than a day, but it does have a lot of other great features to keep your interest piqued. The G7’s LCD screen provides the ideal level of brightness for Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback, especially with its size. The camera is also nothing to be disappointed with as it offers a broader field of view compared to other models on the market. No, the pictures don’t always come out perfect, but what you get is better than what a lot of smartphones can produce. Plus, the overall design of the G7 ThinQ is incredibly attractive, and at the price its available for, it’s well worth looking into.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei hasn’t always fared well against its competitors, but the P20 Pro has changed all that. It’s the best phone ever produced by the brand, and there are some good reasons for it. The battery life of this smartphone is incredible, especially if you’re someone that’s on their phone all the time. It can easily last 24-36 hours from moderate use, and it’s not likely to decrease by much after several months. Although the phone’s screen is only Full HD, it does come with a pre-fitted screen protector (which is always handy). What’s more, the P20 Pro is worth buying for its camera alone. The presence of three lenses allows you to take crystal clear photos that turn out amazing, even in low light.

iPhone X

Of course, an Apple product would be on here somewhere. The iPhone X is one of the best models on the market, held back only by its eye-watering price. There are a lot of people who will miss out on what the phone has to offer simply because they can’t afford to pay out over $1,000 for a cell phone. Anyone willing to clean out their bank account will be rewarded with Apple’s best display yet, with a sharpness and quality that far exceeds what the iPhone 8 manages. Its battery life is reasonable, generally lasting between 12-24 hours depending on usage, and its photographic capabilities are up there with the best. It’s just a shame the phone costs so much.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

There are so many different features available for smartphones these days, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus basically pulls them all together. If you use your camera to take photos (which most people do these days) then you won’t get much clearer pictures than what the S9 offers. It’s even great at taking shots in low light, which is usually the downside of many smartphone cameras. The screen is also one of the best around, with a crisp display offering the best visuals you’ll find on a phone. Although other smartphones have a stronger battery life and the S9 Plus isn’t as compact as some models, you’re unlikely to find anything better than this on the market right now.

Know what smartphone you need to buy as your next upgrade now? Give it a few months, and there will probably be a load of new phones around better than these ones. However, that’s a problem for another day. If anything, it’s more of a reason to get one of these smartphones now while they’re still relevant.