Ways to make a geek fall for you

Seducing a geek is not always an easy task. Geeks tend to be so interested in their favorite franchises and the newest tech development that they might not want to talk about much else. For this reason, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort to make them fall for you.

How, then, can you express your deepest of human emotions to a geek? Well, although many people believe that geeks are always socially awkward and perhaps ill-suited to romance, this is not the case. Geeks make the best partners, so here are five great ways to finally make that geek you’ve been crushing on fall for you.

1. Understand their likes and dislikes

As with any other relationship, learning about your partner’s likes and dislikes is absolutely imperative. Geeks often allow their interests to consume a large portion of their lives. Thus, you need to get familiar with your crush’s favorite things in order to make them fall for you.

Five ways to make a geek fall for you

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be obsessed with video games too. All you have to do is be willing to talk about their passions whenever you’re having a casual conversation with them. Doing so shows that you care, which is one important step to kick-starting a romantic relationship.

2. Seek help with something you know they understand

Geeks like people who ask for their support in areas where they’re pros. If you’ve got a crush who geeks out over tech, let them assist you with computer stuff. And if they’re serial TV aficionados, let them give you their recommendation.

Every geek is an expert in a specific field and they’ll be proud and honored that you sought their help first. Thereafter, you can ask them out for coffee as an appreciation. Who knows, this could even be your first date.

3. Get familiar with their lifestyle

When you take them out for coffee (assuming they were into the idea in the first place), start to familiarize yourself with their lifestyle. Often, geeks have long work habits and end up bringing their work home with them. Some geeks appear to be permanently rooted to their hard disk.

To win over a geek, you must at least get interested in their work. Having a solid understanding of computers can be an added advantage. Show them that you understand and empathize with them.

Five ways to make a geek fall for you

4. Learn about their favorite foods

Many geeks have have limited free time and hate cooking for themselves (just like many other people). If you have the time, they will surely appreciate any food that you are able to prepare for them. Maybe you can even prepare a nice meal together. It is an excellent way to connect and bond.

5. Get them an original gift

Get your crush a themed gift to celebrate their birthday or a major milestone. There are endless possibilities when it comes to performing a loving gesture for your crush. You can bake a special themed treat for them, invite them to a themed event, or find anything else that you know will be appealing to them.

If you show interest, chances are that your geeky crush will begin to wonder about your passions too. At that point, you are on your way to a fulfilling relationship.