The trendiest geeky fashion styles today

Geeky fashion style remains the hottest trend, and more folks are increasingly embracing these bookish looks by the day. Adopting a geeky fashion style is now easier than ever before as designers are now making fun-looking outfits with an aesthetic appeal. They are drawing inspirations from nerdy movie characters – like Alessandro Michelle – to create bookish uniform staples that look preppy and classy.

Dressing like a cool nerd is all about wearing the right clothes, matching with proper accessories, and acting the part. If you wish to mimic geeky celebrities such as Ryan Gosling and Taylor Swift, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. The following are the trendiest geeky fashion styles today.


Anyone seeking absolute comfort can now rejoice as flat shoes are in vogue. Alessandro Michelle – Gucci creative director – partially inspired this trend. Loafers have cool-but-casual properties that can never go unnoticed and have made their way around numerous TV shows.



Slacks are loose-fitting trousers featuring classic tailoring fabrics. Over the years, slacks have fallen in and out of favor countless times, but they’ve now made a tremendous comeback in the geeky fashion space. This slouchy style will do you an incredible favor if you prefer a geeky style with uber chic, relaxed tailoring sported by the likes of Phoebe Philo and Victoria Beckham.

Hair Slides

This accessory has always been linked to the 90s pop icons and little girls at ballet class. As we speak, tables have been turned, and hair slides are having a happy moment courtesy of Simon Rocha’s summer/spring 18 show. This show saw world-class models sashaying down the runway clad in multiple pearl slides in an effortless and artful way.


Glasses are no longer considered the preserve of folks with a doctor’s prescription. Geeky, plus-size frames – such as those you saw at Gucci – are seriously morphing into an It accessory. And as the founder of eyewear and beachwear brand Prism Anna Laub will tell you, specs have gone beyond just functional and are now awesome because they’re the first thing you will see on the face.



Maria Grazia Chirui takes all the credit for reinvigorating the beret trend. The creative director for Dior showcased leather first for autumn/winter 17, then most recently for spring/summer 18. This presentation saw the pancake-shaped hat rapidly hit the number one spot of the wish lists. Since Grazia Chirui’s reinvigoration of this trend, several other brands have followed suit, including Emporio Armani and Self-Portrait. While pulling off this accessory isn’t easy, you can make do with an elegant woolen style in a muted shade. Even Meghan Markle agrees this style looks excellent and chic.

Conclusion: Being spotted in a geeky fashion style is not only fantastic but also seems like a breath of fresh air. The geeky fashion style is all about creating a style that looks unexpected. Combine bold and big colors with unique accessories that stand out from the crowd. Remember, the trendiest geeky fashion has to do with accomplishing the out-of-the-box style that makes you feel comfortable.