Secrets of the Fallout game series emerge from the vault

As E3 has come and gone, we couldn’t wait to hear the latest news to come from Bethesda. After all, Fallout is one of the top-selling games in the world, and we needed to hear all about Vault 76. However, it’s more than just a new game that is about to be coming our way. Here are some of the biggest secrets of the Fallout fame series that have emerged from the vault that Bethesda would rather stay buried.

The game dates don’t add up

For years, Bethesda slaved away to create the perfect game. Although they succeeded, it wasn’t a smooth ride to get there – and was drastically let down at the end. The company planned for the game to be released on October 23, the same day the bombs fall in the game. However, a major problem with the development meant the game had to be postponed for a week and was later released on October 28 instead. It might not be the end of our world, but it was the end of theirs.

There are no ladders

Living in vaults and battling nuclear fallout might mean certain things we take for granted soon become luxuries. However, one item we never thought would be too much to ask for is a ladder. So why are there none in any of the Fallot games? There’s a simple reason. The AI. While Fallout is a brilliant example of gaming; there are many times when characters will repeat the same lines or walk into walls. Ladders would be the recipe to a development nightmare, so Bethesda has opted to exclude them altogether.

They cut down on size

When Bethesda was first working on the map for Fallout 3, it was meant to be a lot bigger. In fact, it was about double the size. But there was an issue: the company thought it was too confusing for players. So what did they do? Cut the whole thing in half! It wasn’t all bad though as Bethesda did double the Wasteland’s size, but many players were still disappointed with the news and would have preferred more area to explore, or more detailed buildings. Time will tell what Vault 76 has in store.

The trials of Harold

This one might not be so much of a secret as Harold has been thrust in our faces in nearly every single one of the games, but we still can’t let him pass us by. It seems as though Bethesda enjoy creating pain and suffering for this character who started out suffering from F.E.V. and is now a fully grown tree stuck rooted into the wasteland for the rest of eternity. That is unless the developers finally take mercy on poor Harold and give him the exit he is so desperately searching for.

Fallout: New Vegas was a happy accident

New Vegas is many players’ favorite addition to the franchise, but it almost never came to be. In fact, one of the original designers for the game, Josh Sawyer, was working on the game when the company wanted him to shift his work to focus on isometric RPGs. Thankfully, Josh kept the work he had put into New Vegas and picked back up where he left off all those years later. In fact, some of the original ideas and storylines even made it into the final cut, although we will always wonder what failed to make the grade.

Fallout is a game that is going to keep us hyped for years. Who would have thought there could be so much excitement to come from a post-apocalyptic world? Not us, but we love it. Thankfully, not all the vault doors are sealed, and we can enjoy these secrets of the Fallout game series as we wait for even more news from the latest addition to the franchise. We’re ready.