Proof that The Avengers are friends in real life

At the end of the day, the actors don’t always finish on set and all go for a drink together. Sometimes they’re there to work and get things done. However, the Avengers are a part of our lives whether we like it or not, especially since they have absolutely smashed the box office and changed the face of superhero culture for good. However, something we wanted to know was whether they are actually friends in real life. Here’s proof the magic exists.

Proof that The Avengers are friends in real life

The Chris’s cracked up

Honestly, watching these guys in an interview together is enough to make us crack up, so there’s no wonder they couldn’t keep a straight face considering they were in the same room together. During an ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ interview, the two just couldn’t stop giggling and laughing at each other. They even unknowingly revealed that they had pet names for each other. For example, Chris Evans called Chris Hemsworth ‘Hemmy’.

Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner

Yeah, so we’re pretty sure that these guys have some kind of bro love going on between them, and we’re loving it. The two have such a tight bond they were more than happy to pose for a spoof poster that was mocking ‘The 40-Year Old Virgin’, except they changed the age to ‘50’, as you do. The embrace the two are caught in just shows how close they are.

Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson

While many people probably wouldn’t have noticed before ‘Captain Marvel’, these two have been friends longer than we think. Not to mention that the absolute affection between the two of them is completely undeniable. The pair have co-starred in other movies such as ‘Unicorn Store’ which was a strange movie, if we do say so ourselves, and the more serious ‘Kong: Skull Island’. The two love to poke fun at everything around them, making them a perfect pair.

Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson

Yeah, we all knew this was going to be a match made in heaven, as these two firecrackers were basically made to be friends with each other. While most people were fans of Valkyrie and Captain Marvel on screen, it made people feel even happier to know the two women got on like a house on fire off-screen, too. We’re pretty sure that every other picture of these two is probably them laughing, embracing, or giving each other that knowing look. We love it.

Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans

You know people are friends in real life and not just on-screen when you see them popping up in loads of movies together. We had seen Evans before he was Captain America, but we think it’s fair to say that he wasn’t quite the household name he is today. Perhaps that’s why his friendly relationship with Johansson passed us by, especially considering they have co-starred in movies like ‘The Perfect Score’ and ‘The Nanny Diaries’. The love is real here.

Proof that The Avengers are friends in real life

The original Avengers got tattoos

While it’s kind of sad that Mark Ruffalo decided he didn’t want to get the super exclusive, super awesome ‘Avengers’ tattoo that the rest of the original cast got, it’s pretty awesome it even exists. The fact these guys decided they wanted to mark this milestone on their bodies so that they could remember it forever exemplifies the incredible bond they all share.

While an era has come to an end, we will always know how iconic they all were.