LeBron James is actually a bigger geek than you think

Many basketball fans agree that on the basketball court, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA history, but did you know that this superstar is actually a geek? A geek is defined as someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, and shows a great deal of interest in it.

A basketball star

Lead general manager Daryl Morey, who is always ahead of his time in the analytical game, believes that LeBron James is by far the best player in the history of the NBA. Daryl Morey argues that it is absolutely clear that LeBron James has an impeccable talent, which has enabled him to achieve many wins and championship victories. Daryl Morey, one of the smartest analysts, is a pro when it comes to figuring out how analytics can apply to basketball. And, we can’t refute his arguments considering what he has done for the Houston Rockets.

Not just basketball

LeBron James has made tremendously significant impacts not only felt in the athletic field but also outside the league. The seven-time MVP and the holder of three NBA championships, whose era began in Los Angeles, is a business mogul, a philanthropist, and an activist. Despite the many losses when his era first kicked off, James has since proven that he is the most preeminent basketball player. Since his entry to the NBA in the year 2003, he has become a notable athlete and a popular figure that has put in a lot of work to shape the league and athletes image.


In 2018, when the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the finals, lessons were learned that teamwork and good leadership will always play a key role in achieving a win in a championship. LeBron James taught his team the spacing concept, which says that for a team to be successful, it is crucial for all members to be in the right spots. Spacing allows both leaders and teams to freely share ideas without anyone feeling intimidated, thus exploring endless possibilities utilizing everyone`s strength and proficiency. The wise man has mastered the art of the puzzle and realizes that it can change any time, but that the puzzle pieces remain unchanged.

Photographic memory

LeBron James has a photographic memory that enables him to replay games in his mind and articulate perfectly to the media what series of events led to the team’s loss or win. He is a wise and patient man, which is a very important virtue that has enabled him to revive his game continuously and reap immense success.

A good leader

Besides preparing his mind, he has equally prepared his body to be the best leader. Apart from knowing who he is, James also knows his teammates intimately. He knows that being a good leader requires one to constantly engage with their teammates, embracing inclusion and being part of the process in order to create a winning team.
LeBron James can, therefore, be considered to be a geek, since he knows so much about basketball and puts a lot of effort into it. It is his innate passion, and nothing seems to stop him from doing what he loves most. He gives it his all.