Great comic books for beginners

Comic books, or graphic novels, are more popular than they have ever been before thanks to movie adaptations taking over movie theaters. These movies are inspired by great comic books, but in trying to get into the original stories you are facing a problem, there are so many! So where do you start? Check out these great comic books for beginners.

Gotham Academy

Stepping into a brand new comic book world might be daunting for most new readers, so why not start with one you most likely are aware of? Gotham Academy is set in the Batman universe, so you can expect over-the-top villains with a gritty undertone. The comic book is also great for those who love the Harry Potter universe as the main characters are based in a school while the protagonist, Olive, is developing magical powers.

Great comic books for beginners


The character of Hawkeye might already be familiar to you, he is a part of the super hero squad known as The Avengers. Little is truly known about Hawkeye in those movies, other than the fact he’s pretty cool and can fire a bow super fast. If you’re looking for a way to get into Marvel Comics, then this is the place to start. The storylines are modern and are up there with the best writing in the modern era, while the art and style are uniquely stylish.

Captain Marvel

The latest movie in the Marvel franchise set for release next year is Captain Marvel. If you want to get ahead of the curve and know the character before Brie Larson brings her to life in 2019, then get stuck in. It will keep you engaged as the hype surrounding the latest Marvel franchise begins to swell, and in Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, we have a hero who fights for justice while bridging the gap between Earth and outer space.

Rat Queens

If you think you’ll need a healthy dose of humor to put the ‘comic’ into comic books, then you should start with Rat Queens. It is a foul and hilarious fantasy which flips the standard fantasy realm on its head. Rat Queens is made up of a gang of women who punch first and ask questions later, brawling their way through their comic universe one scrap at a time. Rat Queens is the comic if you’ve got a love for Dungeons and Dragons but don’t mind that universe being tainted by foul-mouthed heroes.

Great comic books for beginners


If you want your adventures to span across the galaxy, then Saga should be the first comic you pick up. There is a little bit of everything in this space opera, including magic, high tech, and war. It’s a comic more for adults than kids thanks to the mature themes running throughout, and it takes a fresh approach to a familiar genre.

Heading into a comic book store can be scary, there are so many to choose from, but these suggestions will ensure you can jump right in with both feet. We all have to begin somewhere, and these are a great starting point for new comic book readers.