Five things you never knew about Steve Jobs

When we talk about modern computers, there are only a few names that pop into our heads. In fact, “few” would be exaggeration. There are exactly two names that pop up in our heads – Bill Gates and of course, the late Steve Jobs.

There are a number of interesting facts about the latter individual. You might think you know a lot about the guy who founded Apple, but we can bet that there’s more to learn. In fact, here are five little known facts about Steve Jobs.

He was a pescatarian

Jobs’ dietary habits are really not a topic of interest. It’s his success that most of us want to know about. However, as far as little-known facts go, dietary habits count. Steve Jobs was a fish and veggies guy, and that’s pretty much all he ate.

In fact, there was one time where he even quit fish and just consumed fruits, grains, seeds, vegetables, and nuts.

He drove the same car model over and over

Steve Jobs only drove one particular model of car. However, he never kept the same car for more than half a year. Jobs loved the Mercedes SL55 AMG, but he would own one for just about 6 months and then get another SL55 AMG after that.

Did he love the model that much? Well, yes, but he had this system in place because he didn’t want to drive around with a license plate. It allowed him to keep his identity a secret on the streets and California vehicle laws actually allow it.

He studied calligraphy

After he dropped out of college, Jobs joined a calligraphy class for 18 months. That’s where he learned to put words on paper. He then went on to credit the learning experiencing for influencing his design choices for fonts used on the Mac.

He was responsible for a change in the Google logo design on Apple devices

Jobs didn’t like how the “o” in Google appeared on Apple devices, and wanted it to have a different shade of yellow. So, he actually called Vic Gondotra, Google’s Head of Mobile Applications, and told him that the “o” needed the “right shade of yellow.” Jobs even offered to get someone from his team to help Gondotra, and on top of that, he chose a Sunday morning to bring this to his attention. After Jobs passed away, Gondotra recalled the incident and praised Jobs as a brilliant leader who taught him an important lesson – that leaders need to care about details even on their day off.

He wasn’t too keen on the name Apple

Jobs came up with Apple as the name for his company for two reasons. One, it came before Atari, his former employer, in the phonebook. Two, it was his favorite fruit. However, the tech-boss wasn’t so sure about going ahead with the name and one day, he even asked his staff to come up with alternatives. However, no one was able to suggest a suitable alternative and Jobs decided to stick with Apple.