Disneyland’s best kept secrets

Disneyland has a vast wealth of historical information and attractions that bring fun and exciting experiences to the people who visit the park. However, just like any other place, it also has some secrets which are hard to uncover, especially for the visitors who don’t know anything about them. Below are some of the Disneyland’s best-kept secrets – keep an eye out for them on your next visit.

A secret suite in Cinderella’s castle

At Disney’s Cinderella Castle, there is an undisclosed suite which is also known as the Dream Suite. It is located on top of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and was primarily planned to be the residence of the amusement park founder and his family, however, Walt Disney died before the apartment construction was through. The Secret Suite features twenty-four karat gold floor tiles, tinted glass window panes, and is fitted with a giant magical mirror that also acts as a TV.

Disneyland’s best kept secrets

Concealed paint brushes on Tom Sawyer’s Island

Some people believe that there are paint brushes which were concealed on Tom Sawyer’s Island. These paint brushes are said to get you fast passes for any ride you want if you find one and give it to a park employee.

Shops in the park don’t sell gum

Since the park administration wants to ensure that no chewing gum is stuck to the footpaths, the rides, or the park attractions, none of the shops located in the park sell chewing gum.

Painted concrete sidewalks

When you visit the Magic Kingdom, it may appear like the concrete sidewalks are painted using colors that correspond to every segment. However, the truth is that they are painted because the light that reflects off painted concrete creates more vibrant photographs.

Disneyland’s best kept secrets

Plaza Pavilion mural

In Disneyland’s formative years, the park had sponsors for its various restaurants and attractions. The Pavilion Plaza was funded by food company Stouffer and had a large, quirky mural with reference to food preparation. Though the painting was lost, it was replaced with a tribute mural that features Mary Poppins when Jolly Holiday Bakery opened.

Trash bins located 30 meters apart

Before the opening of Disneyland, the park founder, Walt Disney did some research, visiting other parks to learn how long people held their trash in their hands before littering. The findings showed that they’ll hold their trash for about thirty meters, and that is why the park’s trash bins are situated thirty meters apart.

Fantasyland weather vanes

In the Mr. Toad Wild Ride and Peter Pan Flight, there are Mr. Toad and Tic-toc-croc weather vanes respectively. People believe that it is good luck to pay a visit to these Fantasyland weather vanes.

Party line phones

The Market House on Main Street features some 19th-century party line phones. You can still pick up these phones and listen in to some of the ordinary and funny conversations.

The Fink’s keel boat

The remains of an extinct attraction, the Fink’s keel-boat beside the Rivers of America appears to be one of the numerous small details included to make the river appear more interesting, but it also acts as an homage to this historical attraction.