How to create your very first cosplay costume

Cosplay is something that many of us want to enjoy, but have no idea where to start. As well as getting the chance to meet a lot of new people, cosplay can also be a way to bring our favorite characters to life. Here’s how to create your very first cosplay costume and get the ball rolling.

Collect references

One of the best places to start when looking for your first cosplay costume is by collecting references. This means learning all about the character that you want to bring to life and finding shots of their outfit from many different angles. If you’re lucky, there could even be some detailed drawings from the people who created them in the first place to help you along the way.

Know your strengths

Do you love to apply intricate makeup? Perhaps you know how to sew some impressive outfits? Sadly, just because we know a character as though they are a part of our lives, doesn’t mean that we can bring them to life. After all, if you have no idea how to create armor, then becoming Iron Man might be quite a large task for your very first cosplay costume.

Research ideas

There are so many great cosplayers out there in the world, and many of them have learned how to put their own spin on their looks thanks to many years in the game. Looking at how other people have brought the character to life could be a great way to start planning your own costume. It’s important to put your stamp on things, even when you are becoming someone else.

Start small and work out

Some cosplay costumes mean we need to use materials we may have never used. If this is the case, then it’s best to start on a smaller project and work toward making it bigger rather than trying to take it all on in one go. The best bit? Working on smaller projects means that you should use less of the materials along the way – and save yourself some money if it goes wrong.

Think ahead

You might have just spent weeks making the perfect costume, but how are you going to get it to the convention? Creating a cosplay costume is all about thinking of the future and how it will get wherever you need it to be. Plus, planning your outfit can be a time to think about your accessories and whether you will be able to carry them around with you all day.

Experiment with looks

Before you head out to your first cosplay event, try to experiment with different looks to make sure that you have found one that suits your style. This could be everything from how you do your hair and makeup to the way that you wear your costume.

The final touches

The smaller details can quickly make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. It could be anything from the color of your eyes to the way you portray the character. As long as you feel comfortable bringing them to life, then the chances are you will be able to pull your look off with ease.

Cosplay can be a great way to expand your horizons and become the character of your dreams. No longer do you have to worry about being the new kid on the block. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, right?