Cities that every geek should visit

Cities all over the world are major tourist attractions for a variety of reasons. Some cities have a rich history, making them great destinations for history buffs, some cities have strong cultural heritage, and still others are great for shopping.

When it comes to geeks, there are certain cities where they can find fascinating sites that align with their likes and interests. These vary from cities with historical monuments to cities with certain geeky festivals. Here are some cities should be visited by every geek.

Cities that every geek should visit

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is definitely a great city for a geek to visit. This is due to the presence of major tech companies whose headquarters are located in the city. For instance, popular social media giant companies such as Twitter and Reddit have headquarters in San Francisco. One can tour these companies and see where the social media magic happens.

In addition, companies such as Airbnb and Weebly also reside in the city. San Francisco also has popular recreational facilities such as the Interval. The Interval is a cocktail bar which brings together geeks from all over the city for various networking and social interactions.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City in Utah is another great city for geeks to visit. The city is popularly known for its annual festivals which appeal to geeks. From anime festivals to the Harry Potter run, the city has some of the best events that cater to nerds.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is definitely a city that geeks should visit due to the city being a residence for a number of famous educational institutions. Boston has over one hundred learning institutions which provide higher learning and training in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The most popular ones are Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, popularly known as MIT.

These higher learning institutions will certainly fascinate any geek; they offer the best standards in terms of higher teaching in technology, science, and law. In addition, the city has an innovation district, where passionate innovators can grow their inventions and realize their “aha!” scenarios.

Cities that every geek should visit

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a perfect geek destination because it is home to the Michigan Science Center, which has various technological exhibits. Anyone can inspect them and take them on supervised test runs. Moreover, the city has a planetarium whereby people can learn about and explore the galaxies, stars, and solar systems. In addition, the city has anime conventions which are held annually. During last year’s event, fans got a chance to participate in Japanese cosplays and pop culture associated with the anime culture.

Madison, Wisconsin

Ranked as one of the geekiest city in the country by University of Wisconsin grad students, Madison Wisconsin offers a variety of fun activities for people with nerdy likes and interests. The city has, for instance, an event dubbed the Sector67. This event brings together people with an interest in 3D printers and laser technology. Moreover, the event is moving its operations to a bigger location very soon.

The city also has a popular event known as Geek.Con which brings geeks together and has been increasing in numbers since 2008. Madison is a must visit city for any geek looking to have fun while indulging in their interests and likes.