Everyone should have these apps on their phone

How often do you go on your phone? Are you looking at it right now? More than 5 billion of us own one, which equates to nearly two-thirds of the world’s entire population. That’s a lot of people sending texts and making calls. Since smartphones were first developed, our cell phones have become much more than just a place to interact with others. There’s an app for almost anything nowadays. With millions of them to choose from, though, which ones do you really need on your phone?

Google Maps

There’s a good chance that your phone will come preloaded with a map app, but if not, then you need something like Google Maps. If you’ve ever wondered how to get anywhere, there’s a good chance you’ve used this program on your computer. It’s super handy for working out how far away somewhere is, or finding the best route to get from A to B. It will give you time estimates for walking, driving or taking public transport, and also provides plenty of information for millions of locations around the world. When you’re on the go, there are few apps more convenient than this.


We live in the age of streaming. While plenty of people still download music, and some even buy physical copies of it, more and more of us have turned to streaming. It’s super convenient for finding whatever you want to listen to at any time, whether you’re at work or chilling in bed. Other streaming sites offer a similar service, but Spotify is the best known and most popular.


Communicating with employees at work is essential for a productive office. However, talking to each other can sometimes be distracting. That’s why messaging services like Slack are convenient. They provide a space to interact with your colleagues, both in group and individual messages, without disturbing the focused environment. The service is even available as a phone app which is worth downloading. If you or someone else has an important message they need to send out of office hours, this is the best platform to do it on.

Your bank

Pretty much every major bank has its own smartphone app now. It offers a safe and convenient way to check on your finances without having to start up your computer. Anything you can do with your account online is available on the app, which makes it super convenient for on-the-go transactions. If you’re looking to buy something but unsure if you can afford it, this is an easy way to check your funds.

Food delivery

Sometimes you don’t have the time to cook. Either that or you’re just not in the mood to slave away in the kitchen. That’s when apps like DoorDash or UberEats come in handy. You can order food directly to your door with just a few taps on your phone. These services offer more than the standard takeaway that we used to have back in the day. So many different restaurants partner with these services now that you can enjoy some of your favorite grub from the best establishments in your area. This is definitely the future of ordering in.

Instagram (+ Twitter)

Billions of us use social media. We all have our preferences for which ones we’d rather use, but chances are we’re going to be on one of them. The best ones to have on your phone are Twitter or Instagram. While Facebook might be the most popular, these platforms allow you to express yourself in different ways. Twitter allows for immediate reactions to things, while Instagram provides a space to show what you’re doing right now. Both of these are ideal when for when you’re out with your phone with no computer in sight.

This is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to apps. We all probably use much more than this, but these are definitely the apps that everyone should endeavor to use on their smartphone.