The real reason Fortnite is so addictive

Fortnite. The battle royale game that has got millions of people talking, battling, and gaming all around the world. It seems as though you can hardly turn around without seeing a mention of the game somewhere. So if you find yourself thinking about it all the time and wanting to spend all your free hours taking on 99 new strangers in a bid to become the last person standing then have no fear; there is a real reason Fortnite is so addictive.

Lose by a little

If there is one thing Fortnite has been able to harness since its release all those months ago, it’s the fact that whenever you lose, you are only losing by a little. Think about it. It only ever takes a few shots to end someone’s life in the game, and when you die, you get to see your opponent’s health bar. How many times have you noticed how close they were to being finished too? The idea of always being close to making it to the top of the podium but having it ripped away from you at the last moment gives many of us the push to keep playing. After all, it might only take a few little changes to survive next time.

Win by a lot

On the other hand, when we win a game of Fortnite, then the chances are we win by a lot. It’s teaming these two ideas together that makes Fortnite so addictive. Although we might think we are only ever one or two shots away from surviving when we fall in the game, the chances are we manage to get some pretty epic wins whenever we take home the top spot. So what better way to celebrate your big win than by reloading the game and proving you can do it all over again? Before long, you might find yourself into your 100th game ready to show how good you really are.

It’s a hormonal thing

With all that winning comes a whole host of hormones released into our body. We can’t help it; it’s a natural thing. Endorphins are the hormones released whenever we’re riding a natural high. Being able to beat out everyone else in the game and acting as though you really are hiding out on a map taking down other people from all around the world is one way to get those hormones pumping through your body. The best thing about endorphins? They’re highly addictive. So whenever you feel your palms sweating and heartbeat racing then just know you’re one step closer to full addiction mode.

Build friendships and shoot them down

Another aspect of Fortnite is being able to play alongside your friends. It’s not just a solo game anymore; you can also pair up or get a team of four together to take on the rest of the map until there is one person standing. Sure, there might only be one winner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it to the top without a little help from your friends. As much as we might like to think of ourselves as being lone eggs that love to play our games with no interaction with the outside world whatsoever, we can’t help but be drawn to people who share our love of Fortnite. It’s in our blood.

Fortnite might just be about to take over the world. It seems as though everyone from your boyfriend to your girlfriend, their grandma to her dog are all playing the game. However, it’s not our fault., it seems as though there is a real reason Fortnite is so addictive after all.