New to glasses? This is what you should be looking for

It can feel strange being told that you need to have glasses if you’ve never had them before, and some people worry about whether they will suit them or not. Well, these days you don’t need to worry because there’s basically every style of glasses you can think of. However, that’s not very helpful if you’re starting from the beginning and have no idea what suits you, then you’re going to need a little help along the way. Here’s the guide to help you choose your first pair of glasses.


Find the best fitting frame

You don’t want to have a frame that’s oversized or undersized, no fashion statement should see your glasses falling off your face or giving you a headache. So it’s essential to find the frame that fits your face perfectly. There are three things you need to look out for when you’re trying on glasses frames, and that’s the three recurring measurements they use. It’s lens width, bridge width, and glasses arm length. You can either find a pair of sunglasses that fit and use that for reference or go and try some frames on and take note of what fits you the best, you will then be able to identify which size fits you best. Alternatively, just try them on and make sure they feel correct!

Finding the right shape based on your face

Strange as it sounds, your face shape can affect what style glasses would suit you best since it becomes a defining feature of your look. So it’s essential to take into account. Of course, if you would rather accentuate your face differently, then you’re welcome to express your style however you choose. If you have a round face shape, then a more rectangular frame with squared angles around the edges would suit you, and if you wanted to be bold, you could go for the rounded frames.

Square and triangular face shape

If you think you have a more square face then you’ll want to be looking for more curved styles – but not round. You’re looking at a more ovular shape to frame your face. This face shape gets away with shapes like aviator glasses. If you want to make a bolder choice, then you can go for something more angular, which will make your eyes stand out more. Triangular faces are very similar in terms of shape, but it’s also advised to go for a style that makes the tops of the glasses bolder compared to a thinner bottom line.


Heart shaped and oval face shape

This face shape wants to emphasize the bottoms of the glasses and have something with a deeper base. So the lenses on the glasses should have something that looks like a ‘D’ shape. This is because the bottom of someone with a heart-shaped face is narrower than the top, so it adds a bit of depth. People with an oval face shape are very lucky and can basically wear anything they want, the shape is considered universal and more symmetrical, meaning you can try any trick and trend you like.

Finding a pair of glasses doesn’t have to be tough, if you’re stuck on the idea of getting your favorite color, then that’s fine, but you also might like to consider a color that complements your eye color or your hair color. This is your chance to show the world a bit of personality in your choice of glasses.