Great adaptations by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is one of the finest writers currently working, and one of the most unique voices in modern popular culture. The British genius has been responsible for some of the most wonderfully offbeat works of the past thirty years. Blending comedy, fantasy, horror, and science fiction together, Gaiman has become one of the most important and influential voices in the modern entertainment scene.

As a revered and respected artist, Gaiman has seen several of his works adapted for the big and small screens. There have been mixed responses to some of these works, but we’re going to check a few of the most iconic ones out below. We have enjoyed all these adaptations, and are looking forward to the forthcoming ones, such as The Sandman, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. But, for now, this is a selection of what we think are the best Neil Gaiman adaptations.

Coraline (2009)

Inventive, gorgeous, and witty, Coraline is an excellent movie, and one unlike any you’ve seen before. The movie follows the titular Coraline, whose family moves to Oregon, which she is unhappy about. One day she finds a secret door in the living room which leads to an idealized parallel world, which contains a sinister secret. The movie is a true highlight of Gaiman’s works and explores some important themes such as identity, family, and being careful what you wish for. If you’ve not seen Coraline before, we suggest you check it out as soon as you can and experience the magic for yourself.

Stardust (2007)

We think Stardust might just be our favorite Neil Gaiman adaptation. Taking the fantasy genre, and making important changes to it, Stardust is a really fun and inventive fantasy story. The film follows a young man named Tristan as he enters a magical kingdom called Stormhold to rescue a fallen star. The book is more adult than the movie, and contains much more swearing and violence, but, the movie is just about perfect for fantasy audiences, and will appeal to families as well. With an all-star cast and some great direction from Matthew Vaughn, this movie is a total delight.

Lucifer (2016-Present)

Lucifer is one of the most recent adaptations of Gaiman’s work and is based on a character from The Sandman comic. The show follows Lucifer, who becomes bored with ruling Hell, and abandons the throne to move to LA and become a consultant to the police force. The show is full of great humor, richly diverse characters, great dialogue, and some stunning humor. The third season has just been released, so it’s the perfect time for a catch-up.

American Gods (2017-Present)

American Gods was released as a TV show earlier this year and is considered to be the most ambitious of Gaiman’s works. The show follows the building conflict between the Old Gods and the New Gods across the key ages of the world. It’s a hugely entertaining and enjoyable romp, with a top cast (including Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday). This is definitely one of those shows that’s an acquired taste, and it won’t appeal to everyone. But there is enough here to maintain attention and heighten curiosity; if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the whole series right now.

These are four of the best adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s works, and we feel that they give the best reflection of his work as an artist. They are definitely influential films and TV shows, and we recommend you try to check them out as soon as you can. If you have Netflix or Amazon Prime, you might be able to find all of them to watch.