Biggest mistakes people miss in Lord Of The Rings

J. R. R Tolkien created the Middle Earth in his brilliant imagination and gave us a story that continues to hold the helm when it comes to fantasy stories more than a half century later. His Lord Of The Rings Trilogy including The Fellowship of The Rings, The Two Towers and The Return of The King were flawless, the writing skilled and the plot line so intricate most thought it impossible for the series to be adapted into film. Peter Jackson, a director from Zealand, however set his mind to giving life to Tolkien’s characters, pulling through one of the most impressive productions ever made.

Given the epic, high fantastical nature of the Trilogy, bringing it on screen was definitely not a day’s work. In fact, Peter Jackson managed not what many ever could have managed by leading the production of all three movies within one year, concurrently. All three films came up to a total of more than nine hours, with extended versions available. Seems like a very chaotic project, but Jackson managed to do justice to the book trilogy and give fans worldwide a worthy adaptation.

Multitudes of characters, recreating highly fantastical scenes and the pressure to not mess up one of the most beloved fantasy stories gave Jackson quite the challenge, and with such a big project, there was bound to be a few mistakes in production. Overall, he pulled a creative job, a perfect adaptation of the trilogy. However, even the best films have errors that fans would only notice if they watched each scene keenly. And for a popular film like Lord Of The Rings which had fans watching, rewatching and rewatching yet again, these errors were bound to be noticed. While they do not affect the quality of the production, they’re mostly hilarious and unless you know what you’re looking for, might not even notice them.
These are the biggest mistakes people miss in the Lord Of The Rings.

Crew members in The Orc Army at The Black Gate

There were lots of extras involved in the production of LOTR, especially when it came to recreating the battle scenes from the trilogy. The battles in Return of The King required hundreds of these extras, all in the appropriate costumes and make up to depict the Orc army. Cameramen had to get shots of the action from different angles, which resulted in many crew members positioned within the army. This is more of a hilarious mistake, but some of these crew members can be seen within the battling Orcs and humans. They stick out like a sore thumb once you notice them because their outfits are modern, not from the Middle Earth. There’s even one with a cap on.

Frodo’s mobile scar

The three movies were shot simultaneously, so there was probably a jumble of activity with scenes from different movies being shot concurrently, and back to back scenes from one same movie being shot several weeks or months apart. The makeup artists couldn’t always remember to recreate a certain look the way they did it for the last scene it was required, and that’s what resulted in Frodo having a scar that changed locations on his body. It was a severe scar on his face that he got in Return Of The King, so it’s easily noticeable. That’s why it’s also noticeable when it appears on the right cheek in one scene and on the left cheek in another. Not to mention that even the size of it varys from scene to scene.

A car in The Shire

LOTR is a fantasy epic story with no place whatsoever for modern things like cars. When Frodo and Sam leave their home, there’s an overhead shot of the area they’re walking through. There’s a car that drives past, visible at the right top corner of the screen. It’s barely noticeable, but has since then been edited out of the DVD version, only leaving the cloud of dust behind it.

Sam’s bandage

For keen enough fans who love having an explanation for everything they see on screen, this mistake will not go unnoticed. In the Fellowship of the Ring, there’s a fight between the fellowship and a cave troll. On one of the shots, Sam can be seen with a bandage around the wrist of his left hand. What’s wrong with this is that there’s nowhere on the film where he sustained this injury, no explanation within the movie. This bandage was probably a result of an injury acquired on set.