5 reasons the Harry Potter books were so much better than the movies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your whole life, you’ll know that Harry Potter is kind of a big deal. If you don’t know that, there’s a high chance that you’re a Muggle – or at least a Squib. Yes, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was brought to us by J.K Rowling two decades ago, and we’ve never looked back. We’ve spent our time in the Three Broomsticks, we’ve gone on day trips to Diagon Alley, and we’ve even tried to apparate within the walls of Hogwarts (but we all know that’s not possible). We’re all Harry Potter fans, but do you prefer the books or the movies? Here are 5 reasons why the Harry Potter books were so much better than the movies.

5 reasons the Harry Potter books were so much better than the movies

Ginny gets her chance to shine

Although Harry Potter is not technically a romance, we just can’t get enough of the romances that occur within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – at least, the romances that weren’t concocted by love potions. In our eyes, the Harry-Ginny love affair kept us all going throughout the books, but where was their romance in the movies? Sure, we got to see a little snippet of their love for each other and THAT kiss, but their romance is so much more intense on the pages of the books. We also get to see her sassy, independent side in the movies.

They are so much funnier

We know what you’re thinking; but the movies are funny, right?! We’re not saying that they’re not! The movies have all of the comic relief we could possibly want from a two-hour long montage of Harry’s life, but this time-scale has its downfalls. Within the pages of the Harry Potter books, we are able to read the true humor that J.K Rowling incorporated into her books. With more words and even more pages to get stuck into, the books are arguably much funnier. Ron gets his chance to shine as a comedy genius, the Weasley twins are even more hilarious on the page, and the Hogwarts students are the ultimate sass-pots. You just can’t beat the books.

There are even more characters

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you’ll know that the characters are genius. You fall even more in love with them as the movies progress, and you soon grow to realize that you do have a little soft spot for witches and wizards after all. However, if you’ve only watched the movies, you haven’t really been given a chance to fall in love with these characters as much as the bookworms have. This is because there are even more characters in the books! Where’s Peeves the Poltergeist and Winky the House Elf when you need them on your screens, ey?

5 reasons the Harry Potter books were so much better than the movies

We get to hear Harry’s thoughts

Have you ever watched a Harry Potter movies and thought; “Hmmm, I wonder what Harry is thinking right now?” Well, you can read the books to find out! Because J.K Rowling wrote her stories in the third person, we get the chance to actually get an insight into Harry’s life and what makes him tick. We learn more about himself, his past, his experiences, and his relationships, and it gives us a better understanding of what it’s all about. It’s a bit like Occlumency… just not as painful.

They explain everything

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Harry Potter universe is a little complicated. There are characters weaving in and out, there are trips to the past, there’s a whole host of history, and spells we don’t even know! Because of this, it can be difficult for fans who have only watched the movies to truly understand what’s going on. The books go into so much detail it’s hard to miss what point is being made and the history behind it. If you’re just watching the movies, you’re missing so many integral parts. You’ve just gotta read them, man.

Are you a movie buff waiting to be converted into the world of books? Well, it’s probably best to start off with the Harry Potter franchise. You know you want to. Always.