Movie sequels that just weren’t as good as the original

Whether you love or hate a movie is largely subjective because it depends on personal tastes, as well as what you look for from a film. That being said, there are still plenty of flicks out there that can be considered to be objectively terrible films. Look, we understand that some people may hate a flick that others consider to be a guilty pleasure, but there are also films that are almost universally regarded as being terrible.

We have seen a lot of movies, and there are plenty that would make our list of terrible flicks. Now, for the most part, we tend to find that awful movies are often sequels – either ones that try to cash in on the success of the original, or attempt to recreate the brilliance of the first, and fall short. Here are the movies we regard as the absolute worst sequels of all time.

S. Darko

Sigh. We’re still trying to get our heads around how and why this movie was even allowed to be made in the first place. The original Donnie Darko was one of the great masterpieces of modern cinema, and S. Darko does nothing but tarnish its legacy. Telling the story of Donnie’s younger sister Samantha Darko, the movie lacks the originality, wit, charm, and intelligence of the original, and is nothing but an attempt to squeeze money out of the Donnie Darko name.

Movie sequels that just weren’t as good as the original

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Many people think the second Gremlins movie has a certain charm to it that puts it one a level with the original. We are simply not having it. The second Gremlins flick makes a mockery of the first film, and has so many problems we don’t even know where to begin. The misguided focus on comedy, and the toe-curling celebrity cameos (Hulk Hogan anyone?) make this movie almost unbearable. You might disagree, but there is nothing redeeming about this movie as far as we are concerned.

Book of Shadow: Blair Witch 2

Now, to be honest, Blair Witch 2 isn’t the worst movie ever, but it makes the list because it tarnishes the original movie. The original Blair Witch Project was fun, inventive, unsettling, and launched the found-footage genre. This movie can make no such claim, and is just a bunch of vaguely connected ideas thrown together haphazardly as a way of cashing in on the success of the original. This movie is the perfect example of how not to do a sequel, and should be erased from film history.

Batman & Robin

Widely regarded as the worst sequel of all time, Batman & Robin is just simply 2 hours of terrible. We don’t think it’s the worst sequel ever, but it’s certainly up there. Making a mockery of the Batman franchise, the movie is just one big joke, the problem is it’s not even funny. A low note in George Clooney’s career, we’re sure he will want to erase this one from the record books – and we’d like two hours of our lives back, please!

Movie sequels that just weren’t as good as the original

Please, whatever you do, we beg you to avoid these movies like the plague. These are sequels that, at best will make your brain dribble out of your ear, and at worse will ruin your enjoyment of the original movie. They have to rank among the worst and most incensing sequels in movie history – avoid like the plague!