5 classic arcade games every gamer should know

Arcade game companies began springing up in the early 1960s and have continuously grown ever since. The games have grown smaller and the graphics have greatly improved over the years. It is thought to be one of the fastest growing businesses to have ever influenced the market. Arcade gaming is a highly profitable enterprise and the technology is limitless, but in the beginning, graphics were simple and games were limited.

Now, classic arcade games are available on the internet, and are easy to find. They can be purchased at game stores where they have been modified for playing on modern game systems. The following are five classic arcade games every gamer should know.

Space Invaders, Taito

This popular game hit arcades and made its presence known in the year 1978. Taito favored nostalgia in their creation of a small Space Invader console, all the way down to the machine’s artwork. The game consists of waves of evil aliens who drop down, firing missiles at you. If you never played it, be prepared to encounter one of the most addictive video games on the planet.

5 classic arcade games every gamer should know

Pac-Man, Namco

If you don’t recognize the name, you are in serious trouble. This one is probably the most recognized character in video games is not a human, but rather a yellow colored circle that consumes dots for its survival. Pac-Man’s introduction to the arcade arenas in the beginning of the 80s promptly became a force of influence in the world of video gaming, creating multiple sequels and influencing hundreds of copycats. It is argued that Pac-Man is the best arcade game ever created.

Galaga Remix, Namco

Forget the original classic – the remix is even better! In Galaga Remix, Namco takes the right/left formula of Space Invaders and adds a few twists – in this game, alien invaders can seize your ship. If you succeed in rescuing the ship, then you are given double the firepower. Galaga Remix remains as challenging as it used to be in the 1980s.

Battle City

This game creates a scenario in which you have a duty to defend your homeland. It has over 30 maps and provides hours of fun with friends. You are required to drive tanks and fire at your enemies. It is possible for two players to engage via Bluetooth in the mobile version. The Nes version even had an option of constructing your own maps – how cool is that!

5 classic arcade games every gamer should know


In Bomberman, a tiny man moves through a maze, dropping bombs in his tracks to blow up small monsters and locate the hidden door. The famous downsized version contains eight levels and you can play with friends either with Bluetooth or a WiFi connection.

Games are a big part of gamers’ lives. They help sharpen our brains and keep them fresh, and are also an important source of recreation and a good way to break the monotony our routine chores. In addition to the classics, which we will always love, we can expect even more features and functions as technology advances.