How the X-Files was a show ahead of its time

Everyone has at least heard of The X-Files, and for a good reason too! The hit show became an instant classic when it first aired in the 1990s, and has since become a cult favorite that still to this day brings in new generations of viewers wanting to get in on the action.

Critics often label the show as one of the best TV programs of all time. But why? Well The X Files is often viewed as one of the most innovative shows ever to hit the small screens, paving its own way through the realms of sci-fi, horror, and drama.

As a way of celebrating its brilliance, here’s a look at why The X Files can be considered as way ahead of its time.

The X-Files

It has influenced the TV genres of today

The X Files itself was inspired by decades of previous horror and sci-fi, but when it came around in the 90s, no one could have expected how much it would go on to inspire future TV shows. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the show that’s been duplicated over and over, is the way it gave you a different story or ‘monster’ each weekly episode. These subplots would then be tied in together with the overarching storyline of the whole series.

It introduced two important archetypes

The loveable partnership of Dana Sully and Fox Mulder was the main reason we tuned in every week. But have you ever thought about the way the pair’s dynamic has been replicated in sci-fi shows ever since? The show relies on their differences – one is a skeptic, basing their beliefs on the science and the cold-hard facts. Whereas the other is a believer – the open-minded philosopher who knows there is so much more out there than meets the eye.

It used technology in a futuristic way

Although the 90s was yet to enter a world in which technology would become so ubiquitously vital to daily life, The X Files already knew this would happen. Dana would rely on her laptop to research and analyze all the facts, whereas Fox would be on the phone constantly, using it as his primary source of communication to get the information he needed to find out the truth.

It predicted cybercrime

A lot of the main antagonists in the show were carrying out their crimes online, and likewise, the computer hacking trio of The Lone Gunmen would use their skills as digital conspiracy theorists to fight back. They would use technology to fight against the modern cybercriminal groups who were taking advantage of the open online spaces on the internet.

The X-Files

Dana Sully was the heroine we all needed

Although it is common nowadays for a headstrong, career-driven woman to be the main character of a show, back in the 90s, it was rare for a female to the brains and voice of reason. The character of Dr. Dana Sully broke away from the misogynistic title roles that sci-fi shows often had, and instead gave us a female doctor who was a powerful, gifted and intelligent woman. The show creators first created Dana’s character as an eye-candy female partner to Fox, but they soon realized that the potential of her character was so much more than just her looks.

Even now The X Files is still seen as a big inspiration for the most loved and successful TV programs of today’s times, like Stranger Things, Bones, Supernatural, and more! So if you want another reason to binge watch it once again, take another look to see what we mean about it being ahead of its time!