Top inventions from Back to the Future we wish were real

When it comes to movies, Hollywood can continue to release new and improved films each year, but they will never come close to the success and the popularity of one particular sci-fi classic. This movie involves a time machine in the shape of a car, some questionable outfits, a doctor who really doesn’t look like a doctor and a whole load of jokes that made us all laugh. Yep, we’re talking about Back to the Future! This epic movie was first released in 1985 and supposedly goes back in time to the ‘50s before taking a trip to the future and checking out life in 2015. With scientific advancements and gadgets galore, we were all hoping that some of these products would exist in our lives. Sadly, they haven’t quite had their chance yet…

A time-traveling DeLorean

Come on, you didn’t think we’d miss off the obvious, did you? Back to the Future is one of the greatest movies ever created and won us all over with their ability to travel in time. However, Marty and Doc didn’t just travel in a hot tub or a silly police box. Instead, they pimped out an awesome DeLorean car and made sure that they could go both back in time and into the future. Sure, the plutonium proved to be a little temperamental every now and then and you always had to make sure that you had a flux capacitor on your person, but apart from that… this thing was awesome.

Top inventions from Back to the Future we wish were real


We know what you’re thinking… Hoverboards already exist right? Well, technically they do – but not the kind of hoverboards we saw in this movie. The hoverboards we see as we walk down the street all feature wheels and tend to explode every so often. The hoverboard in Back to the Future was not kept off the ground by wheels, but was actually levitating off the ground and hovering as if by magic. Sadly, this board has yet to make its way into everyday life, but we have a feeling that somebody somewhere is probably working on it. Hurry up, please!

3D Hologram movie billboards

When Marty McFly took himself off to 2015 and explored what the future had to offer, we were able to see the incredible invention of the 3D Hologram movie billboard. Yes, these bad boys actually came out of the movie theater in 3D form and scared the bejesus out of you, but that’s the whole point, right? However, it seems as though Marty was a little too ahead of his time, because we’re still having to deal with 2D billboards that are definitely not holographic.

Top inventions from Back to the Future we wish were real

Dog-walking drones

If you have a dog, you probably love it as much as you would your own child. Yet, you’ll also know that there are some days where you just do not want to walk it. It may be raining, you may have somewhere to be, or you just might not be bothered. By 2015, we were supposed to have dog-walking drones who would do the job for you. While we do have drones, we don’t have ones that are specifically designed to walk your dog. Sort it out, future.

Retractable fruit gardens

In the future, everything was supposed to be easy. We were supposed to have flying cars, we were supposed to have hoverboards, and we were even supposed to have a robotic fruit bowl that would come down from the ceiling. So where’s that invention at, ey? It seems as though we’re still waiting for our grapes to fall from the ceiling, but were still holding out hope. They’re a little behind, but we’ll be patient.

If you’ve seen Back to the Future as many times as we have, you’ll know that the epic inventions never get old. However, it seems they can’t get old in our world because they haven’t been invented yet!