The top “girls’ night” movies you need to see with your friends

The weekend is finally around the corner – and if it’s not then we can dream, right? So you know what that means: girls’ night! It’s time to crack open a bottle, put on some movies, and settle down for a night of gossiping and eating too many snacks. So what are some of the best girls’ night movies to keep you and the BFFs entertained? We’ve got you covered.

Mean Girls

Yes, we are talking about *the* film that has given us enough quotes to last a lifetime since its release back in 2004. If you haven’t seen the movie, it follows the cliquey means girls at high school – appropriate much? – and the new girl at school, Cady. Will she choose her real best friends, or fall for the social pressures of being popular? Only time will tell. Just don’t forget to tell the squad to wear pink.

The top “girls’ night” movies you need to see with your friends


What could be better than a group of best girlfriends watching a group of best girlfriends? Exactly. No matter your age, these gals are true goals when it comes to everlasting friendship, and you can take a glimpse into the future by sticking on this movie and sitting back on girls night. Carrie and the girls don’t need a man to succeed, and neither do we!

He’s Just Not That Into You

Maybe one of the team is going through the turmoil of a breakup? Or perhaps it’s been a while since you had a good cry and need to find a way to let all the emotions out? Grab some tissues and the crew as you settle down for this rom-com that will leave you wondering why you wasted all those years on that no-good boy.

The Notebook

Ryan Gosling – need we say anymore? Yes, you can sit back and stare in awe from the comfort of your couch as you prepare for one of the greatest and most heart-wrenching love stories to ever hit the big screen. Plus, you get to watch Ryan Gosling. Have no fear when it comes to the tear, we’re sure your fellow squad will be crying along with you.


If you’re in need of a good laugh, then this 2011 release has you covered. Now you can sit back and laugh along with Annie Walker as she comes to terms with what it’s like to be a single lady in your late 30s while your best friend is preparing to walk down the aisle. Could there be a bigger slap in the face? Sometimes we need reassurance that everyone else’s lives are as much of a mess as our own.

The top “girls’ night” movies you need to see with your friends

Dirty Dancing

We’re going all old school with this 1980s release, but you can’t beat this classic romance film that brought the decade to life. If you can’t try and recreate that iconic lift scene with your besties then who can you try it with? Plus, the tunes and dancing can quickly turn your girls night into an extravaganza as you sing along to the famous soundtrack and throw some shapes in your living room.


Yes, this movie has been a hot topic of conversation since its release back in 2008 and has kept us going with all five films. A high school Kristen Stewart and forever young vampire Robert Pattinson; we really are being spoiled now. This epic love story will help dip the toe into the fantasy world if you haven’t already seen the movie and is the gateway to many future girls movie nights to come.

The list could go on and on, but here are some of the top girls night movie picks out there. If you’re looking for a chance to cry with the BFFs, laugh along with the characters, or fall in love with the movie stars, then there are plenty of options for the perfect girls’ night. Now it’s time to get the popcorn on and the face masks out!