Superheroes with the coolest costumes

If you love superheroes, you probably also are a fan of some of their incredible costumes. Apart our favorite heroes’ interesting personalities and skills, they sure wear some great outfits. The following are some of the superheroes with the coolest costumes.


Superman’s costume has inspired many generations. It’s distinct and recognizable and is an overall great suit. It consists of a tight blue bodysuit with the famous “S” symbol and a red pair of pants. Of course, his red flowing cape is the best part. This costume looks great on our favorite hero, and it really makes him look like a super guy.

Superheroes with the coolest costumes

Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel is one of the most recent characters, created by Marvel in 2008. His name is Adam Bernard Brashear and he has most of the skills Superman has and he is also an all-around incredible guy. He wears a very tight blue number in the mold of Superman’s suit, but his cape is scrapped. He looks like a more recent hero, and a cooler one. Blue Marvel sports a grand letter “M” on his chest, and you may also have seen him wearing a white mask.


Even though this name has been given to many well known heroes, like Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick, the costume looks just about the same. It doesn’t look much like Superman’s outfit, but has something more to show. The costume features a bold red color with a series of yellow lightning bolts. He sure looks like a cool character running around in that suit.


This fantastical superhero is a half demon who was summoned to Earth when he was still a boy. Hellboy wears leather pants, a pair of sturdy boots, and has a bare red chest under his coat. He looks simple amazing in his outfit. This cool superhero also wears a black t-shirt, a trench coat, and a belt buckle.

Superheroes with the coolest costumes


If you love this superhero, you probably know that his outfit looks something like Batman’s. It’s quite awesome. Midnighter is a human who has enhanced abilities and fights crime. He wears a black mask and an impressive long, flowing black getup. He also wears a pair of black trousers and a torso piece. The whole outfit is completely black, so if you like this color, you’ll probably love this superhero. He also carries a combat computer in several incarnations. On the chest is the suit’s foremost feature, Midnighter’s symbol. This has been within a yellow shield or just on its own.


Batman has created a wide variety of different costumes in order to fight his enemies. For example, Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, understood that he needed a suit to protect himself when he first stepped into the wild streets of Gotham City to accomplish his mission. He uses his technological prowess to design himself very cool and functional costumes for every occasion.

One of the surest ways to recognize a superhero is by his suit, and they have definitely had some incredible costumes over the years.