Everything you need to know about Disney’s new Star Wars park

The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Walt Disney World is arguably the most awaited Disney theme park addition in decades. Recently, Disney hinted at the possibility of opening Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in summer 2019 at Disneyland, followed by at Hollywood Studios in Disney World in fall 2019. However, Disney has remained hush-hush concerning the exclusive details of the purported $1 billion additions.

Despite the scarcity of information, we’ve combed the galaxy and gathered the inside facts that every die-hard fan needs to know. So, here’s everything you need to know about Disney’s new Star Wars park.

Which locations will get the Star Wars addition?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks are set to come to Disneyland in Anaheim, California as well as Disney’s Hollywood Studios located in Orlando, Florida. According to a reliable source, both locations are 14 acres.

What will Star Wars Land look like?

Disney hasn’t released sufficient details regarding plans for the Star Wars parks, but we still have some information to share with you.

Our allies reveal that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be a truly immersive park area. The park is built to provide a reflection of a village known as Black Spire Outpost.
This is a completely new location that was only mentioned in the movies. The new planet is said to be a remote trading port adjoining the wild space, where Star Wars stories and characters originated.

The new parks will be based on the Outer Rim, a place filled with all the best Star Wars aliens and humanoids. Disney Imagineer Scott Trowbridge revealed that the new park engages all the senses in terms of the feel of the street, the smell of the animals, and the tastes of the imaginary world.
Where will visitors travel?

Once at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, visitors will be transported to a planet called Batuu. According to Disney’s blog, this planet was once a busy crossway along the ancient sub-light speed trade routes, and now serves as an isolated settlement on the galaxy’s edge.

While there, guests will be able to interact with Rex, the vexing pilot from an old version of another Disney attraction. The same troublesome pilot also serves as the DJ at the cantina.

What are the available rides?

We have scarce info when it comes to ride details, but we are certain of two attractions namely Star Wars: Rise of Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The Millennium Falcon is one of the park’s signature attractions, which puts guests on the battleground. It’s all about completing a critical mission – shooting blasters, piloting the ship, and preparing for hyperspace.

Similarly, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a new attraction built on a whole new scale. It’s designed to make visitors feel like they are inside a hangar bay in the center of a skirmish between the Resistance and the First Order. It’ll be a thrilling experience, to say the least.

Will there be restaurants?

Of course, no Star Wars park will ever be complete without a cantina. In Galaxy’s Edge, there will be a fascinating place known as Oga’s Cantina. It will be completely immersive and somewhat technologically linked to the Millennium Falcon ride. The restaurant will offer Luke Skywalker’s choice refreshment – blue milk. Rumor has it that this cantina will bear a resemblance to Mos Eisley, and that Rex will be the DJ.