Celebrities who married their college sweethearts

Relationships and marriage aren’t always how they’re portrayed in the movies. It takes commitment and hard work from both parties involved to make a marriage a success. Famous couples are no exception, they might actually have to put more work in because of the spotlight that’s constantly on them and their relationship. Falling in love and marrying your college sweetheart is thought to be a fairytale that only happens in stories, but some celebrities have proven that it can actually happen in real life. Here are a few celebrity couples that married their college sweethearts and are still going strong.

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

Pitch Perfect actress, Elizabeth Banks met her now-husband at a fraternity party while at the University of Pennsylvania. The two hit it off at the party and later dated for 10 years before tying the knot. They say the secret to their marriage is their mutual respect. They are still going strong and enjoy working together. The couple started a production company called Brownstone Productions in 2002 and has since produced the popular current movie series Pitch Perfect as well as the reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

Celebrities who married their college sweethearts

Samuel L. Jackson and La Tanya Richardson

The couple met in the 1960s while attending college in Atlanta, Georgia. Samuel L. Jackson was an acting major at the all-male Morehouse College and LaTanya was a student at Spelman College, which was an all-female college. They were not part of the same circle of friends but their love of acting is what brought them together. They have a daughter together and will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next year.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham

This power couple is very much in the public eye, but not many know how they met. They both attended Yale Law School in 1971. All it took was a brief encounter at the library and that was enough to spark a love interest. They got married four years later in 1975 and are still together despite enduring some hardships in their marriage.

Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief

While attending the University of Southern California in the late 80s, Olyphant met the girl of his dreams. He was a swimmer at the time and acting wasn’t even on the cards yet. They married in 1991 after dating only a couple of years and are still together 28 years later.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

This social media guru responsible for bringing us Facebook met his wife in 2003 at Harvard. The two met in the most unromantic place, yet that didn’t stop them. It was Zuckerberg’s going away party and they were both waiting in line outside the bathroom. The couple started dating after that encounter and married in 2012. They now have two beautiful daughters together.

Celebrities who married their college sweethearts

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

Julia who is better known for her role in Seinfeld met her husband Brad Hall at Northwestern University. She had seen him at an improv class and fell in love at first sight. After they graduated in 1982, they joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. They finally decided to tie the knot five years later and now have two sons together.

These couples may be famous now, but fame had nothing to do with their love. They’re living proof that despite the added pressures of being constantly in the spotlight, Hollywood marriages can last.