Is The Big Bang Theory world a good place to be a woman?

In the world of sitcoms, there are various shows that reign supreme. Of course, we all wish we could chill with Ross, Rachel, and the rest of the gang at Central Park. We have all been waiting for the day that we could borrow one of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s shirts. We have always hoped that if we were to be picked up by the cops we would be taken to the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and we’ve always wanted to attend a lecture hosted by Sheldon Cooper. Yes, the Big Bang Theory is one of the most famous shows on our screens, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. However, as the show gains even more traction, some people just have to wonder whether The Big Bang Theory world is a good place to be a woman?

The men and their comments

It’s safe to say that the men of The Big Bang Theory are the stars of the show. Sheldon Cooper has won us all over with his little quirks and annoyances (as well as his ridiculous IQ). Howard has taught us that it really is possible to go to space (but it might not be that great). Raj has shown us that it’s okay to be a little awkward (sometimes). Finally, Leonard has proven that it’s possible to be cool in a group of nerds (kinda). While there are main female characters on the show, the men seem to take advantage of their nature and give into stereotypes. For example, Sheldon is blatantly misogynistic, but his comments about women are ignored because of his inability to understand social cues, Raj seems to be unable to talk to women, but has no problem attempting to get up close and personal with them when he’s had a few drinks, and Howard actively looks down on women – but we think it’s okay because he has a wife. Yet, when you really think about it, it isn’t okay!

The women and their characters

Penny, Bernadette and Amy are three of the leading ladies within The Big Bang Theory, which is great, right? Well, when you really get down to the nitty-gritty of it, these ladies are given gender stereotypes that demean who they really are. Penny is the token ‘attractive’ girl in the group, and is often dressed accordingly. Yet, she is also the token ‘dumb blonde.’ On the other hand, Bernadette and Amy are both highly intelligent scientists – but where is their moment to shine? While we see Amy’s talents as a neuroscientist, this intelligence is overshadowed by her supposedly less attractive figures and outsider status, and although Bernadette is also smart, her talents are put to bed when she marries Howard and becomes a mother.

Real-life pay differences

However, it’s not just the show itself that discriminates between the men and the women. In real life, the actors and actresses within The Big Bang Theory have struggled to create a balance when it comes to their paychecks. In fact, the men are paid a huge amount more than the women per episode, and society has since gone up in uproad about this fact. Thankfully, the male characters have agreed to take pay cuts to make their pay equal – but should it really have been the case in the first place?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on television, but it seems as though it caters for the men of the world rather than the women. What do you think?