The best TV shows no one is watching

How do you like to spend your free time? Do you like to wind down with a good book in bed? Do you like to get your blood pumping in the gym? Or do you like to settle down on the couch with a cool new TV show to watch? Well, we don’t blame you. There’s nothing better than finding an awesome new show to binge watch, but what if you don’t want to follow the crowd? What if you don’t want to be just another Netflix sheep? What if you want to stick it to the man instead? If you’re basically the Mr. Schneebly of TV shows, then you’ll probably love these TV shows that no one is watching. But remember to keep it quiet, you don’t want others finding out about these ones.

Altered Carbon

If you’re a big fan of sci-fi shows (who isn’t?) then we just know that you’ll love Altered Carbon. This show takes place a whopping three centuries in the future, where humans and human life has been dramatically transformed by science and new technology. Instead of passing away and that being the end of that, Altered Carbon gives viewers the chance to understand what could happen if life and passing away wasn’t a permanent fixture. What if you could be transformed into a new person? What if you could be transformed into a soldier? Oooh, we have a feeling that one won’t end well. There’s already one whole season to binge on Netflix, and you’ll be happy to know that a second season has just been announced.


Yup, we love a good thriller show. What’s amazing about Counterpart is that popular culture has yet to buy into the storyline – which means it’s safe for now! You can get the whole thing to yourself for a while, before season two comes out in January 2019. Don’t just take our word for it, though. You’ll want to watch this one for yourself, as this show follows the life of Howard Silk as he makes his way through life as a low-level spy. When he realizes that there might be more than one version of ourselves in an alternate universe, Howard soon finds himself in a sticky situation. What should he do with that kind of information?


If you love strong female leads, then you’ll love Vida. This American drama follows the lives of two sisters who live in Los Angeles. Although they have happily spent the last few years of their lives apart from each other and living completely separate existences, they can’t help but come back together when a family passing brings them closer than ever. What they thought would be a lovely family reunion soon becomes an investigation into the history of their family, where they soon realize that their mom may not have been completely truthful with them.

The Terror

For some reason, we get a kick out of seeing people stuck in dangerous places. You know it’s true. Movies like The Revenant and 127 Hours wouldn’t have been so popular if that wasn’t true. Yep, that’s probably why we know that The Terror will be a hit. This show follows Capt. Sir John Franklin as he embarks on one of his last naval voyages. However, what was supposed to be an easy retirement soon becomes the one of nightmares when he gets stuck in frozen and desolate landscapes.

Looking for a new TV show to watch? Better tune into these ones before the whole world follows!