5 futuristic gadgets we wish we already had today

Do you ever watch a film and wish you had one of the amazing gadgets in it. All these science fiction movies tease things that we’ll supposedly have in the future, but none of that stuff seems to have materialized so far. Where are all of our super fancy high tech gadgets? We know that these films are all based on fiction, but consider some of the things we have now that would have seemed impossible a few decades ago. We believe some of these gadgets will exist one day, and these are what we want the most.

The neuralyzer

If you’ve ever watched Men in Black then you’ll probably be familiar with the neuralyzer. It’s a gadget that the agents use to wipe the memories of civilians to make them forget that they’ve just seen an alien. The period of time that it erases can be adjusted to make someone forget years of their life. Plus, the user is able to manipulate a victim’s thoughts to fill in the gaps of their wiped memories. While this device could be dangerous in the wrong hands, it would be pretty great to have if you’re ever in a sticky situation. Just think of how many bad dates you could change with this little gadget.

5 futuristic gadgets we wish we already had today

Flying car

The flying car has been used in all manner of sci-fi films, from Bladerunner to Back to the Future. It’s used so frequently that we can’t stop wondering when we’re finally going to get our hands on one. They’d make traveling around much easier, and more fun too. What better way to avoid all those traffic jams on a Monday morning than to just fly right over it all. All these developers are working on automated and electric cars, but we think finding a way to make them fly would be a much better use of their time.


It’s amazing that a film set several decades in the past can have futuristic gadgets that we wish were real. Sure, Harry Potter might be a fantasy film set in a world where magic exists, but we think some of the tech the characters have could one day be real. Take Dumbledore’s deluminator for instance. What an ingenious way to turn the light off without having to stand up. This gadget would make life so much easier, especially if we were ever somewhere dark and creepy. Just one click and boom – the room around you lights up.


We’re all concerned about our health to some degree, especially with terminal illnesses taking away too many of our loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a gadget that could heal us of all those ailments so we don’t die before our time? Films like Elysium introduced devices which do just that. Their med-bays cure the user of whatever is making them sick and restores them back to full health. We could all use these in one of our homes, especially with the cost of healthcare right now.

5 futuristic gadgets we wish we already had today

Dream machine

Dreams are a curious thing. We have them every night, but some are more vivid than others. It’s amazing to see the kinds of things our minds concoct, but it would be better if we could experience them properly. Inception dedicated a whole film to going into people’s dreams, and while it was scary at times, it was still riveting. Why can’t we have something like that now? You could see the kind of things other people think up in their sleep, and even get to hang out with your friends in the dream world. It’s a win-win situation, right? Well, apart from the nightmares.

There’s no knowing just how much technology will develop in the next few decades. We’re making such great strides at the moment that anything seems possible, though we’ll have to wait and see if any of these gadgets one day become a reality.