Highly anticipated TV shows that failed to deliver

We’ve seen all the trailers, read all the fan theories, and spent weeks sitting back and waiting for that brand new show. But now it’s finally here – was it really worth the wait? Sadly, not everyone in Hollywood can pull off the tricks of the trade that lead them to the hall of fame. In fact, many highly anticipated TV shows failed to deliver, and fans weren’t shy about holding back their thoughts.


A show that follows a group of cavemen trying to make it in modern life? Sure, that sounds like it’s right up our alley. However, what started as some harmless fun quickly turned to a ratings disaster as some critics believed the show was extinct before it even started. Now that’s gotta hurt. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole idea was thought up after a commercial with the main characters was enough to get the nation laughing. Cavemen wasn’t off to a good start after the pilot of the show was accused of being offensive, and things just got worse from there. It lasted a grand total of 13 episodes before it was gone for good.


Starring one of the main characters from one of the biggest shows in the universe, you might think that Joey would be a hit. The show was set to follow the life of the former Friends star as he moved to Los Angeles to become a Hollywood star. Unfortunately, Hollywood was done with the sitcom as it soon turned into one disaster after another. Joey lasted for one and a half seasons before it was canceled, with many critics saying it couldn’t keep up with the TV times and had too much competition from shows such as 30 Rock and The Office, which were in their prime at the time. Sorry Friends fans.

MTV’s Skins

The UK was the first to churn out their version of Skins before America caught whiff of its success, and it was up to MTV to give us a brand new take on the show. The network announced the series was going to be just as racy and controversial as the British version, which left advertisers less than amused. In fact, many ended up pulling away from the show before it had even begun. MTV launched one of their most costly ad campaigns to boost the numbers, and it was initially met with a great response. However, it seems as though the remake was never meant to be, as shortly after the first episode the ratings plummeted until it was dropped by MTV altogether.


It seems as though not even Mick Jagger can make his name in Hollywood anymore. Not on the small screen, at least. The show was set to become one of the biggest things to hit our screens back in 2016, and people even though it could rival Game of Thrones – really? Well, all that talk was just that, as it wasn’t long before all those celeb cameos and confusing plot twists came crashing down. In fact, many accused the series of being a way for the stars of Vinyl to show off to the world. Ouch. After ten short episodes, it was quickly pulled from the air before too much damage was done.

As much as we love a good TV show, it seems that some just can’t live up to the hype. It’s a shame, but with so many great series out there in the world, hopefully, these will just fall through the cracks of people’s minds.