The best X-Men characters

When you’re dealing with something as massive as the X-Men, it can be tough to decide exactly who are your favorites, especially since they’re all pretty awesome. However, there are a few who have a rich backstory which also adds to their already appealing charm, although many people might prefer a character based exclusively on their powers. But what’s the point in having a super powerful character if you didn’t care about them? The effect would be far less entertaining. So, let’s take a look at who are really the best X-Men characters.

The best X-Men characters


Storm was one of the first African-American superheroes to make it into comic books and the big screen, but that’s not the only thing that makes her awesome. In fact, she’s arguably one of the most powerful, given her ability to control the weather. She can bend and manipulate the atmosphere around her, which can be both impressive and devastating. Storm’s name is really Ororo, and she’s an African princess who comes across Black Panther from an early age, creating an exciting cross-over dynamic we might not get to see in the cinemas. Either way, she’s pretty awesome.


Rogue gets a lot of negative press, but in reality, she’s got the ability to take anyone down. Recently, Captain Marvel has been hailed as the most powerful Avenger, which is definitely arguable, but that doesn’t make her the most powerful person in existence. Certainly not when you know that Rogue was able to absorb Marvel of her powers entirely. Rogue suffers as a result of her powers in many adaptations, which holds her back from being a settled and active member.


Otherwise known as Remy LeBeau, this character is one of the more popular on-screen characters with just as much of a turbulent past. Gambit was stolen as a baby and raised as a thief, which got him into all kinds of tight spots. When he was a teen, his powers manifested, but he became so unbearably powerful that he sought out trying to dim the power flow within him. He is able to make objects explode, particularly his flashy card trademark. Not only does he have a complex background, but he is super-powerful and eventually worked on the side of good.

The best X-Men characters

The Phoenix

Jean Grey AKA The Phoenix, is one of the best X-Men characters because she is one of the most powerful mutants on earth. She has also withstood some horrifying situations, some of which resulted in the ending of her life. She’s also mentally been put through the mill but still comes out on the side of good, despite everything she has been through. She’s also an example of how being too powerful can also be incredibly destructive, although it wasn’t her choice.


He had to be on the list, and everyone knows it. He is undoubtedly one of the most famous, especially when it comes to individual origins movies; of which he has a few. However, most people enjoy his sarcastic remarks and utter disregard for people while also trying to save their lives. He’s also one of the oldest, due to his inability to age. Wolverine’s power is raw, so he can heal, and he has strong, reinforced claws.

Of course, each member of the X-Men has their own powers and stories, including Xavier, Magneto, and many others. Most characters are incredible, making it tough to choose who is truly the ‘best.’