The best things you can learn from comic books

Comic books are cool and undeniably larger than life. Everything from characters to their superpowers to events and locations can make your wildest of dreams seem realistic. Readers both young and old who love to escape into a fantasy world adore comic books.

And while comic books are meant for pure entertainment, you will find tons of lessons you can learn from them, especially if you look close enough. Comic books carry invaluable lessons that can help you in different life situations. In this text, we look at the best things you can learn from comic books.


Superman: What true power means

True power has nothing to do with playing God. Neither does it mean saving everyone you see around. In reality, true power has to do with allowing people to make their right choices on their own.

True power means empowering people instead of protecting them. Sure, protecting the people around you is irrefutably good. However, the best thing is to guide the people into making their choices rather than deciding on their behalf.

Batman: Secrets to conquer your fears

Everyone who is a Batman aficionado will swear by how Batman’s life has been of help, particularly when the chips are down. From Batman, the biggest lesson we can learn is on how to conquer our fears.

Batman managed to conquer his ardent fear of bats and became a symbol that would scare away Gotham’s most hard-edged criminals. Never let the fear of something conquer you. Just like Batman, turn the table around and decide your own destiny.

Thor: Humility is a virtue

When Odin Allfather cast Thor down making him a mere mortal, Thor made a decision that turned out to be a significant life lesson for all of us. From Thor’s choices, we learn that being a king and true warrior has nothing to do with battle prowess and power.

The interests of those you lead must come first before your own individual interests. Thor realized this and accepted his fate. To his surprise, he was considered worthy once again!

Spiderman: Learn to deal with criticism

Green Goblin, Venom, Doc Ock, or Sandman isn’t Spiderman’s arch-rival. Peter parker’s true arch-nemesis is Jonah Jameson, who never acknowledges or appreciates his efforts throughout the years. Despite this, Spiderman isn’t deterred.

Spidey still continues with his good work of risking his dear life all the time to save people. Spiderman teaches us how to deal with criticism and not to let it stop the good things we are doing. Whatever someone thinks about you doesn’t matter, but what you think about yourself is always right.

In this life, you will find all sorts of people who will try to pull you down, downplay all the good you have done, and tarnish your (otherwise) good name. All these actions shouldn’t matter as long as you know in your heart that whatever you are doing is right.


X-men: Embrace your true self

X-men has faced constant prejudice from the human society. However, he still performs his duty according to the teachings offered by Prof X. X-Men embraces who he truly is and is proud of it. He is regarded a stand in for such issues as homosexuality, where the society treats a minority as low-lifes unworthy of human compassion.