5 interesting facts about Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is now one of Marvel’s most beloved characters since the release of the movie in March 2019. However, as with any movie adaptation, there are a few things about Captain Marvel that isn’t entirely in-line with the original comics. In some ways, this is a good thing, since way back in the beginning, Carol Danvers was only a supporting role as opposed to the most powerful Avenger. However, some of the facts about Carol are fascinating, as you get a real feel for the original character and her true origin story.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was head of NASA security

Before Carol wasn’t Captain Marvel, she was busy doing other important stuff to help keep the world a safer place. She started out as an Air Force Pilot, and the movie stayed true to this. However, that wasn’t her only career, before becoming a super-powered female, she was a high-powered one who also spent her days as an intelligence officer before finally becoming the head of security at NASA. This gives her a whole wealth of knowledge and experience behind her, making her combat skills more than believable, and her position at the top a well-earned place.

She isn’t the original Captain Marvel

The moniker belonged to a variety of characters before remaining with Carol. The very first Captain Marvel was actually a Kree who had come to earth and came across Davers at the NASA facility, he was originally called Mar-Vell, but this soon changed as people mispronounced it on earth. In the comics, the original Captain Marvel passes away as a result of developing Cancer after being exposed to toxins in an attempt to protect others from being exposed to them. After this, the title was adopted by a variety of characters, before Danvers took up the mantel.

She was mainly known as Ms. Marvel

The title of ‘Captain’ didn’t settle on her until 2012, but before then she remained Ms. Marvel. However, that wasn’t her only name. She has gone through a lot, from adopting Kree abilities after being exposed to Mar-Vell’s blood, to developing cosmic abilities similar to the ones we see in the movies, although far more powerful. When she had these cosmic powers coursing through her, she was known as Binary, to distinguish her abilities from what they were before.

Captain Marvel

X-Men’s Rogue drained her powers

Before Danvers took on the Binary alias, she had spent years recovering from an ordeal that stripped her of her previous powers. This was because she had faced X Men’s Rogue who had drained her of all her powers. Thankfully, this wasn’t the end for Carol, and she had much more fight in her after this. The X-Men feature a lot in Carol’s storyline, as do the Avengers among other famous superheroes.

She’s best friends with Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew

While Carol develops many friends while on her travels, she also becomes friends with the infamous Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. While Danvers and Jessica Jones’s friendship has been put through the mill, they have remained close and by each other’s side. Naturally, Danvers and Drew’s friendship had a particularly tumultuous beginning, but they also developed a strong bond. These three can be seen together in the comics. It’s hard to imagine the worlds of the current MCU Captain Marvel and Jessica Jones coming together.

There’s a whole lot more to Carol Danvers than people realize, and she’s really been run through the mill. However, she’s always a character who gets back on her feet.