These movies left a lot to be desired – for viewers and critics alike

When we talk about the worst movies of all time, this is, of course, something that’s subjective. It’s a matter of opinion, as all movie are so it can be difficult to actually determine what the worst movies of all time truly are. But, rest assured, we are going to give it a darn good go – and there are actually plenty of movies that could fall into this category.

In the office, we spent a lot of time discussing the movies that should go on this list. Do we go with movies so bad they’re actually good? Or should it be reserved for films that are just flat-out terrible in every way? Well, as you can probably guess, we decided to go with something that was a little in between. So, check out our list of some of the worst movies ever committed to celluloid.

Troll 2

This movie is absolute comedy genius, it’s just not meant to be. Troll 2 has no relation to the 1986 fantasy movie Troll, it was just used as a marketing ploy. In fact, the movie doesn’t even have any trolls in it. The plot (if we can call it that) centers around a family who must battle against vegetarian goblins while vacationing in the rural town of Nilbog. We promise you we aren’t making this up. Everything about this movie is so over the top, so low-budget, so horrendously bad, that it is just hysterical. File this under ‘so bad it’s good.’

These movies left a lot to be desired – for viewers and critics alike

Howard the Duck

What, oh what is an actor of Tim Robbins’ caliber doing in this movie? That will remain one of the great unanswered mysteries of the world. The movie itself, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is insultingly bad. It really is. Ignore people who will tell you the movie has a quirky charm to it. It definitely doesn’t. It’s just plain bad. It’s a guy in a duck suit (and an appalling duck suit at that) wandering around Cleveland while chain smoking. It was adapted from the Marvel comic of the same name – before that was the cool thing to do – and is probably one adaptation Marvel would like to forget!

The Room

With the release of The Disaster Artist, now is the time to check out the movie that inspired it – The Room. In terms of the technical ability and craft of filmmaking, this one has to go down as the worst movie ever made. In spite of the many mishaps that led to the creation of the movie, and odd ignorance of star, writer, director, and producer Tommy Wiseau, the film has become a cult movie and is definitely one of those car crash films. If you’ve never seen The Room, you’re certainly in for a treat – make a night of it, and invite some friends over!

These movies left a lot to be desired – for viewers and critics alike

Sure, there are loads we could have put on this list, but we’d be here all day, quite literally! So, we decided to narrow down the choice to these three – and we think we’ve nailed it. These movies are, without question, three of the worst films ever made. Movies so bad they have developed cult followings over the years as a result of how terrible they are. We urge you to check out these delightfully bad flicks if you ever get the chance.