Why everyone is raving about the movie Booksmart

It seems that paying to go to the cinema is a risk you have to be willing to take nowadays. There’s a real hit and miss game going on at the moment with Hollywood’s outpouring of films. Some bad ones being the result of tedious money-making strategies, and others just simply being terrible. There’s no refunds offered either. The best films out there are the ones you least expect to be good – the underdogs, the underrated, and the underhyped.

2019’s Booksmart is one film that falls under this unexpectedly good category, and although it wasn’t much of a box office hit, you simply can’t deny the film is super enjoyable. It’s going to be a sleeper-hit for sure. Here’s why.


What’s it about?

So it’s a comedy/coming-of-age that’s been described as the ‘sister to 2008’s smash hit ‘Superbad.’ – basically a female-led version. This makes all the more sense to know one of the main stars is Beanie Feldstein (Jonah Hill’s actual real-life sister.) So expect crude humor, smart writing and standout comedic performances.

The plot follows Molly and Amy, who are two graduating high-school seniors. They’re intelligent and academic young women, but they’re also often perceived as pretentious by their school peers (hence the name, Booksmart). However, there’s one thing they’ve always relied on – each other.

Now as they prepare to take the next steps in their lives, Amy and Molly come to realize that they’ve missed out on the fun and partying times of high school by focusing too much on their studies. After all – “the popular kids got into Yale too.”

As a result, they embark on a rule-breaking, drink-fuelled, and ultimately life-changing night before they go their separate ways at the end of summer. What could go wrong?

Why should I watch it?

It’s been described by critics as an absolute must-see, but unfortunately, the takings at the box-office haven’t been what it truly deserves. Nevertheless, it has received universal critical acclaim, labeled by Business Insider as a “hilarious, generation-defining instant classic.”

Beanie Feldstein stars alongside co-star Kaitlyn Dever – both reasonably unknown names but both nonetheless outstanding in their roles. Variety has described Booksmart as “the best high-school buddy comedy since Superbad”, also praising the “exceptionally entertaining chemistry” between Feldstein and Dever.

If you’re a fan of recent witty teen romcoms like Easy A, Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls (who isn’t?), then Booksmart is simply unmissable for you. It’s 105 minutes of pure joyful laughter that takes everything you love about the coming-of-age comedy and still manages to make it feel fresh, original and all the more heart-warming.


Anything else I should know?

The cast is pretty cool too, with none other than Friend’s Lisa Kudrow, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, and We’re The Millers’ Jason Sudeikis. It’s also the directorial debut from renowned actress Olivia Wilde – a seriously impressive first try for being behind the camera in the big chair, that’s for sure. Will Ferrell’s is also an executive producer too. Need we say anymore?

Booksmart was released to cinemas worldwide a while ago in May 2019, but fear not, it will be released on DVD and streaming services on September 3. So if it sounds like it could tickle your funny bone, be sure to give it a try soon. You won’t be disappointed.