The best college comedies of all time

Your college years are said to be some of your best years. It’s a time when you get a taste of freedom from your parents and whatever you felt held you back from experiencing life to the fullest. Many filmmakers have experienced such a time in their lives and have created movies to depict what these newly-free young adults get up to in college. Here’s a list of some of the all-time favorites.

“Accepted” – 2006

Justin Long is a kid that graduated from high school and applied to a few colleges but never got accepted to any. He then decides to start his own fake college called the South Harmon Institute of Technology. He starts receiving applications to this fake college and ends up accepting all the misfits and that didn’t get into any other college either. You can just imagine how this plan goes south very quickly.

The best college comedies of all time

“With Honors” – 1994

Brendan Fraser’s character Monty Kessler is aiming to graduate with honors and loses his thesis, which ends up in the hands of Simon Wilder, a homeless man. He finds himself at this homeless man’s mercy as he has to follow his commands in an attempt to get his material back. He learns life lessons along the way and the two become friends in the process.

“The Water Boy” – 1998

Bobby Boucher is the water boy for a successful, but nasty college football team. He was raised by an overprotective mom and was sheltered all his life; he’s seen as goofy, uneducated, and gets teased constantly. This fuels his anger in a way that lands him a position as the water boy for a rival team and then sees him being promoted to linebacker. This is a funny zero-to-hero story that will have you in stitches.

“Pitch Perfect” – 2012

College isn’t all about the classes but about the activities, friendships, and the new adventures that you get to experience. Pitch Perfect is about some popular girls in an acapella group that are extremely competitive but hold friendships in very high regard. It’s a musical that will have you laughing out loud and singing along.

The best college comedies of all time

“Revenge of the Nerds” – 1984

This movie may be old but it’s still gold. It’s a classic battle between the so-called nerds and jocks in college. As you can imagine, the jocks take it upon themselves to humiliate the nerds time and time again. However, the tables are turned when the nerds put their brains together and give the jocks a taste of their own medicine.

“Old School” – 2003

After discovering that his girlfriend has been up to no good, Mitch feels his world crumbling before his very eyes. He decides to move into a new place for a fresh start and his friends want to cheer him up by throwing him a party. This place happens to be across the road from a college campus so he is asked to move because his house is meant for student housing only. Needless to say, they decide to turn it into a frat house. Mitch and his friends get to travel back in time and be part of the frat life again momentarily.

Whether you’ve been to college or not you’ll definitely enjoy watching these hilarious classics about college life and everything that comes with it.