Why we love Kevin Smith’s movies so much

Clerks, featuring Askewniverse icons Jay and Silent Bob played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith respectively, is a staple indie movie loved by cinema buffs, geeks, and casual comedy enthusiasts alike. It was the influential film that put Kevin Smith, a now renowned American filmmaker, actor, and comedian adored by millions of fans across the globe, on the map. In 2019, Kevin Smith announced his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and lovers of the franchise couldn’t have been more ecstatic. While critic reception hasn’t been all the rage, there is a lot to love about the charming reboot of the titular characters, and we are here to shed some light on the reasons we love Kevin Smith’s movie so much.

Why we love Kevin Smith’s movies so much

Stellar guest stars

Trailers for the film hinted at an impressive guest cast set to join Jay and Silent Bob on their wild shenanigans, but nothing could prepare us for the scope of star-studded appearances in the film. The stunning Rosario Dawson, charming Chris Hemsworth, incredible Val Kilmer, and former Batman star Ben Affleck are a few of the top tier names to make an appearance. But it doesn’t end there, music icons Method Man and Redman show up as well as Supergirl star Melissa Benoist and self-proclaimed geek Joe Manganiello join the crew. It’s an incredible feat signing big-budget actors and actresses onto a movie, particularly for a relatively low budget indie flick such as this. Thankfully Kevin Smith is such a loved, genuine guy that the stellar guest stars couldn’t miss the opportunity to feature in his latest film.

Heartwarming message

Underneath the signature Askewniverse comedy lies a heartfelt message of family and fatherhood. Foul-mouthed and abrasive Jay, played by Jason Mewes, embarks on a self-discovery quest unlike any other for the character that ultimately brings him closer to creating genuine connections with those around him and helps him become a more caring person than ever before. It is a touching turn of events that reflects Smith’s very real admiration for Jason, who has become a father himself.

Against all odds

Smith has faced some serious health scares, situations that would, for many other people, hinder their progress. But Smith isn’t like anyone else, he has a drive and passion for his craft the fuels the projects he continues to conjure up. Despite setbacks, Smith seems to be stronger than ever and the release of his Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a testament to his dedication to his work.

Why we love Kevin Smith’s movies so much

A love letter to the fans

From insider jokes to Askewniverse callbacks, the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a love letter to the super fans from a fan himself. As a person who has screened the original movies a seemingly limitless number of times, Smith’s latest installments captures the original humor and wacky series of mishaps flawlessly. As one watches the movie, you get a real sense that Smith has crafted a film to honor the support shown by fans in the same way that Avengers Endgame did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe fanbase. There is so much Jay and Silent Bob nostalgia here to sink your teeth into that you’ll be watching the movie multiple times to catch all of the easter eggs.

The man behind the movie, Kevin Smith, has given fans of Askewniverse a piece of cinema that captures the true essence of the franchise!