Little known facts about Back to the Future

Released in 1985, Back to the Future was a sci-fi comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis. It starred Michael J. Fox as Marty Mcfly who travelled back in time to 1955 thanks to a scientific experiment blunder by Doc Brown who was played by Christopher Lloyd. In 1955, Marty met his future parents and became his mother’s love interest. Sure, this movie is now fairly old, but we think it holds up pretty well. In fact, in many ways Back to the Future was ahead of its time and there are a lot of things in this movie worth taking a closer look at.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting little known facts about Back To The Future.

Little known facts about Back to the Future

40 Rejections

The idea for Back to the Future was first conceived in 1980. It came from Bob Gale wondering whether he would have been friends with his father had they been in high school together. He developed a screenplay with Robert Zemeckis then tried to get someone to film their script.
It took them four years of over forty rejections for someone to finally accept the script. Most studios considered it too tame in comparison with the teen comedies that were in trend at the time, while Disney considered it to be too raunchy. The script was finally accepted by Universal Pictures. Bob and Robert’s determination paid off when the movie became the highest grossing of the year.

Eric Soltz as Marty

Zemeckis’s favorite for the Marty Mcfly role was Michael J. Fox. Unfortunately, Fox was at the time tied down shooting for the NBC sitcom Family ties and was not available for Back to the Future. Zemeckis was forced to use Eric Stoltz, but Stoltz’s acting style proved catastrophic to Marty’s character. When Fox got an opening mid-way through shooting, Zemeckis let Stoltz go and started filming all over again with Fox. While this set them back a few millions in filming budget, casting Michael Fox instead paid off.

Height Issues

Christopher Lloyd, the actor who played the role of Doc Brown the mad scientist had to maintain a hunched over posture during the shooting. This was so as to bring his and Fox’s heights a bit closer as Christopher was 6’1 while Fox stood at 5’4.

Dissatisfied Cast

After the 1985 film, Back to the Future had two sequels. They featured the same cast from 1985, however the actor who played the role of Marty’s dad didn’t return for the sequels. He claimed it was because he didn’t like the ending of the first movie, while Zemeckis claimed that all Glover wanted was more money. Production had to replace him with a mask wearing look alike, which caused Glover to sue them and was awarded $1 million.

Little known facts about Back to the Future

Doc Brown’s Chimp

There was an idea by one of the producers to have Doc Brow own a chimpanzee as a pet. This idea was however quickly brushed under the carpet with claims that movies with chimps never prospered.