Could Jurassic Park actually happen in real life?

If you’ve already watched or binge-watched the Jurassic Park movie, you are probably one of those people wondering if it is something that actually has a possibility of happening in real life. The existence of dinosaurs has for long remained to be a very fascinating topic and the buzz surrounding it doesn’t look like it is about to die any time soon. There are many evidences of their pre-existence long before human beings walked the earth, what are the chances they could be back again?

Jurassic Park

Scientists are probably the most dedicated people when looking for some proof on anything that shows promise of happening despite how unrealistic the whole project may sound or appear. Well, for creatures that went extinct almost 65 million years ago, this is not something that anyone would want to bet upon their chances of pre-existing again. Their extinct or loss of habitat is explained to be as a result of an asteroid that hit the earth. Another angle of research however argues that the dinosaur’s population was already on the process of being wiped out even before the alleged asteroid hit the earth.

So the ongoing debate has been whether the Jurassic Park world has a chance of happening or not? The argument is should a dinosaur’s DNA be found, is there a chance or likelihood that it would be useful in recreating these long wiped from the face of the earth and gone creatures?
Well, a crop of scientific researchers who were definitely dedicated on solving this mystery have conflicting opinions on this topic. There are those who are for the opinion that there is not a chance that dinosaurs stand a chance of pre-existing come rain or shine. The basis of their argument is that the creature’s DNA which stands to be the only hope of re-creating the creature doesn’t exist.

This is explained this by the statement that the bonds holding down the DNA break after a cell dies. This DNA breaking down is facilitated by water, microbes and enzymes. Where conditions such as temperatures and microbes presence vary, the DNA’s life goes up to a 521 years in half, and another 521 years for the remaining unbroken bonds. Give that the dinosaurs lastly existed 65 million years ago, there are no chances that their DNA is recoverable even in the coldest of environments. If their DNA doesn’t exist anymore, so does the possibility of bringing back these creatures. That settles it for the argument that there is no way these creatures are ever coming back, not in planet earth to be more specific.

Jurassic Park

On the argument that dinosaurs stand another chance at existence, of the many researchers rallying behind that belief, a Paleontologist by the name Mary Schweitzer, discovered that there are types of dinosaurs whose cells could survive fossilization. She further argued that if it were possible to extract DNA from a 700,000 fossil, why not get the same from a 1,000,000 year old and beyond fossil.

Well, this looks like a debate that will not be ending any time soon and since we all cannot be scientists, it seems like we will take a backseat and see what ongoing and future discoveries scientists are going to unravel in relation to this dinosaurs’ big mystery.