Hermione vs. Harry: Who would win in a fight?

The Boy Who Lived vs. The Greatest Witch of Her Age. In the unlikely event that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were ever to fight, who do you think would win? We think it would be a pretty easy fight, with one clear winner and here is why.

A battle of words and wits

Let’s be honest, Hermione would probably try to work things out verbally first – she is, after all, a pretty rational woman. Harry, however, is much more of a “cast a spell  now, check facts later” kinda wizard. If it were a battle of words only, Hermione could absolutely cut Harry down with just the tone of her voice. But in an actual duel? Well, that’s where things get a little more interesting.

Harry vs. Hermione: Who would win in a fight?


We all know that Hermione studied harder than anyone else, especially Harry and Ron. In fact, Harry spent all his time at Hogwarts complaining about doing homework (you’re literally studying magic! It’s hardly calculus!) and copying from Hermione. But Hermione didn’t just stick to the curriculum; she studied so many other things that helped with the trio’s quests, including books such as ‘Magick most Eville.’ She also remembers almost everything she’s ever read, so make of that as you will.

Starting spells

Rather than going for something violent, right off the bat, Hermione would likely opt for a simple silencing spell – something that can’t be seen but would render Harry unable to perform any verbal spells, and we all know he struggles with the non-verbal kind. Harry only seems to have two levels, the overused ‘Expelliarmus,’ or an attempt at one of the unforgivable spells. Of course, it was hard enough for him to perform the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix when he was filled with a burning hatred for her – Hermione was his best friend for so many years that he would probably struggle even more with something like that. So Expelliarmus it is!

One step ahead

Hermione knows Harry’s form and his go-to spells (both of them!) and therefore would already be thinking ten steps ahead. Ready to block and react. Harry, on the other hand, would have no idea what Hermione is even capable of, so would be going in effectively blind. In fact, Hermione could just Accio his glasses and stomp on them, and Potter would be rendered pretty useless.

Harry vs. Hermione: Who would win in a fight?

Personality matters

Hermione is passionate and fiery. As a Muggle-born, she always seems to be trying to prove herself – a chip on her shoulder that causes her to work hard and excel. Hermione isn’t all sweetness and light! She has performed many a dark deed when it has been deemed necessary, from throwing Umbridge to the centaurs and scarring Marietta, to capturing Rita Skeeter. She’s not afraid to get her hands a little dirty.

We do not doubt that Hermione could have defeated Voldemort – in half the amount of books and with a whole lot more sass. If it came to a fight between her and Harry, well, let’s just say he would no longer be the Boy Who Lived.