The best Star Wars easter eggs

Easter egg is a common term coined in for something hidden within a piece of media. They are frequently found in movies and TV shows, and fans love discovering them and sharing them with fellow fans.

Easter eggs can be jokes, references to other films, or special appearances of items or characters. With a sprawling saga of nine films and numerous animated series, Star Wars continues to expand and creators have always found a way to embed Easter eggs in their films. The following are some of the best Star Wars Easter eggs, which are either significant to the creators, to the audience, or both.

The best Star Wars easter eggs

Indiana Jones

If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, you are most likely familiar with the Star Wars Easter eggs involving See-Threepio, Artoo-Detoo, and Obi-Wan, who were featured in the Indiana Jones movies. What most fans are less aware of, however, is some of the Indiana Jones artifacts appear in Star Wars, too.

In some episodes of The Clone Wars series, both a crystal skull and the arc of the covenant appear. But of all the Easter eggs, the coolest is perhaps the inclusion of a fedora in the fourth season episode, Friends and Enemies, where Cad Bane (the bounty hunter) appears.

Cad Bane is a recurrent villain who is hired by various wicked characters to counteract the Jedi’s efforts. Bane loses his trademark hat in the episode, and while trying to look around for a new one, he sees a fedora that shockingly resembles Indy’s, but passes on it.

Han checks Leia for a wound

Han and Leia have a romantic relationship spanning four films and connected with different generations of fans. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher appear to have strong chemistry between them throughout the series, leading to speculation by some fans that there could be real-life romance between the two actors.

In her book The Princess Diarist, Fisher revealed that there was indeed a real-world romance between she and Ford when the original Star Wars film was being shot. Han and Leia engage in a firefight with Imperial forces during the battle on Endor, pinning the Rebels outside the Imperial bunker.

Unfortunately, a stormtrooper hits Leia’s left shoulder with a blaster bolt. Han rushes to her rescue, putting his hand to her shoulder and moving her back behind the bunker door. His hand rests shortly on her shoulder, perhaps an indication of their romance.

The best Star Wars easter eggs

The Imperial March

The legendary Imperial March song is played at the conscription center on Corellia. Even though it is a theme song in the film, it was played as a fan meta joke to show that the Empire actually uses the tune for propaganda purposes. Just amazing.

The VCX-100

Han deceptively mentions having a VCX-100 model ship in his first sabacc game with Lando. Actually, it’s fictional or imaginary, and Han doesn’t actionally have such a ship. Fans will probably recognize the name from the ship called the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels.