Best Disney based live-action films to watch

There’s certainly a lot of love for live-action remakes of Disney classics. In the 21st century, modern cinema has advanced significantly and now has the technological capabilities to recreate the beloved Disney classics with breathtaking beauty. You only need to look at Disney’s upcoming list of films for 2019 to see how much these reboots are being favored – The Lion King, Dumbo, and Aladin are all getting live-action versions. More are planned beyond this year too, including Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and Pinocchio.

To tickle your fancy, here’s a look at some of the best already-released films that have managed to recapture the magic of our childhoods. With these remakes, we’re invited to revisit some of Disney’s precious stories, which are now bought into the delightful new realms of real-life.

101 Dalmatians (and 102 Dalmatians)

How could you go wrong with an hour or so of watching over a hundred dogs? 101 Dalmatians and its sequel set the bar for Disney’s live-action remakes back in the ’90s. It’s a fantastically fun family adventure that is also gloriously entertaining. However, if you’re a fanatic dog lover, you may have to squirm and look away at times. Plus, above all, Glenn Close is simply brilliant as the twisted and evil Cruella Deville.

Best Disney based live-action films to watch

Beauty & The Beast

As one of Disney’s most treasured tales, a lot was riding on the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast – and it didn’t disappoint. With the beautiful and talented Emma Watson playing Belle, the film perfectly captures the essence of the original. The joyous musical soundtrack is back and sounds better than ever, and the charming characters of the Beast’s enchanted furniture are even funnier and more entertaining the second time around. It really is a must watch.


This one is Disney at its best! Retelling the classic tale of rags to riches, Cinderella is everything you love about traditional Disney – romantic, enchanting, and uplifting. The film takes us on a real majestic fantasy adventure, with impressive special effects, grand set pieces, and exquisite costume design.

Alice in Wonderland

The distinguished direction of Tim Burton turned this 2010 remake into a highly entertaining and wickedly funny family adventure. The special effects are spectacularly surreal, and the original story of Alice and her adventures down the rabbit hole is warped and approached from a different, darker angle that works well. The stellar cast is exceptional too – Johnny Depp, Helena-Bonham-Carter and Anne Hathaway light up the screen. The film managed to spawn a sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, six years later in 2016.

Best Disney based live-action films to watch

The Jungle Book (2016)

There was a live-action version of Jungle Book also released in 1994, but it’s a much darker backstory version of the classic tale. So if you’re here for the innocent Disney magic,  have a watch of 2016’s remake. The cinematography is outstanding. It’s also action-packed and full of wonderfully thrilling adventures for Baloo and Mowgli. Perhaps most importantly, it features a little taste of some of the original soundtrack.

Before we are deluged with even more of Disney’s real-life remakes in the next few years, get the popcorn ready and step into the magical worlds of these splendid films. Allergy sufferers beware – the pure juvenile nostalgia is included.