4 Movies that every geek has to see in 2019

There is a pretty good chance you’ve watched hundreds or even thousands of films throughout your life. And, most of those movies you’ve seen are easily forgettable. Well, that’s no surprise at all, considering there are films that are so bad that they can hurl the responsible studio into bankruptcy.

Now, if you are a glorious geek, I bet you are craving for incredible geek movies that are memorable for all the right reasons. A good geek film will change your life for the better because you will draw creative inspiration from it. Enough with the blabber; here are 4 movies that every geek has to see at some point in their lifetime.


Annihilation is a geek film that borrows inspirations from the same book, Annihilation. The story revolves around a biologist who must embark on a perilous expedition to save her husband’s life. She has to journey through an environmental disaster zone to establish what exactly took place there.

Many audiences have branded the movie as too intellectual. Hence, it would go well with geeks who love science fiction films that can make them think.

2.Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars is an American blockbuster space opera franchise that revolves around a film series developed by George Lucas. This film series comprises two trilogies. The series has given rise to a wide ranging media franchise known as the Expanded Universe, which includes TV series, comic books, and computer and video games.

These franchise supplements have spawned a considerable development of the film series’ fictional universe. Again, these supplements have kept the two film trilogies active in the 16-year interim. The franchise highlights a galaxy, often described as very far away in the distant past and depicts the Jedis and their fight against the sith.

3.Office Space

Office Space is considered one of the funniest movies of the century. This film is a must-see, especially if you spend the better part of your day in a cubicle fighting the office photocopier and probably filling away reports. Office Space is suitable for geeks who, more often than not, work a soulless office job. It is also suited to those who are fond of staplers or those who have reluctantly given up weekends to a supervisor they so much loathe.

Everything in Office Space is perfect; right from the plot to the hip hop soundtrack and the humor. This movie has always been funny since its debut in 1999. And, it will still stand out to be funny and more relevant beyond 2025.

4.Dark City

In a city that sees no sunlight, there appears a man who starts questioning his past, his memories as well as his actual existence. Citizens rise up as usual to go about their day-to-day activities, unknown to them that each night a baleful event takes center stage.

Mysterious beings with implausible telekinetic abilities show up and take over the city. But when a mishap happens behind the scenes, John Murdoch suddenly realizes what’s happening to the world; but does he have the ability to influence others?