Video games that we wish had sequels

It’s hard to remember a time when we were limited in what we could play – games are everywhere now. Although we’re spoilt for choice, there are some games from our past we wish were still around today. They were huge back in the day, yet they never got the sequels they deserved. Given how much technology has developed now, seeing these titles return to consoles would be amazing.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

We’ve always seen this game as a family-friendly version of Grand Theft Auto, partly because of the satirical similarities between “Hit & Run” and “Grand Theft Auto III.” Considering the GTA franchise is still incredibly popular (more so than ever) we can’t understand why this game has yet to receive a sequel. It’s been fifteen years now since we were able to explore districts of Springfield as the Simpsons, and we’re ready for more. If the game had more of an open world environment and a richer variety of missions, the sequel would probably sell well.

Black Ops

First-person shooter games are pretty much the norm now. You have franchises like “Call of Duty” and “Halo” which have found immense success in the genre, and continue to be people’s go-to games. Although plenty of first-person shooters have received sequels, one that never did is “Black Ops.” It’s a shame because the game was such a standout for its film-esque qualities. It was like playing through an action movie, only better. If there was more in the way of content and the opportunity to play with friends, a sequel would likely be a smash hit.

Video games that we wish had sequels


Another first-person shooter worth bringing back into the spotlight is “Bulletstorm.” Unlike other titles in the genre, this game knew how to take the in-depth gameplay of a shooter and turn it on its head. It took things less seriously, with a greater focus on humor. That’s not something you always get in a genre where the main objective is to obliterate everything in sight. You’re even rewarded for being creative in how you take out enemies – what other game does that? “Bulletstorm” may not have been a commercial success, but the fact it received a remaster in 2017 shows there’s demand for a new game. When are we going to get it?

Tales from the Borderlands

When this game was released, Borderlands was already an established franchise with several games in its back catalog. However, this title was unique in that it was developed by Telltale Games, who turned the series into an interactive episodic adventure. The feature of player choices impacting the narrative has become increasingly popular in video games, with titles like “Life Is Strange” and “Detroit: Become Human” finding great success with this format. The current gaming landscape is perfect for a new Telltales/Borderlands collaboration, especially when the first release did an excellent job with its writing and characterization. You don’t receive critical acclaim and tons of awards for no reason.

Video games that we wish had sequels

Pokémon Snap

Over the years, the world has fallen in love with Pokémon. While the series is well-known for its mainline games, one of its spin-offs that we fell in love with was Pokémon Snap. Instead of catching the creatures, you took photos of them, and it was surprisingly addictive. The fact it’s almost been two decades and we haven’t had a sequel is quite frankly outrageous. Although the original had its faults (it was far too short and had a lack of Pokémon) a sequel could easily improve on those and give us so much more. Given the hype around the franchise is still immensely strong, it seems like a no-brainer to give us this sequel we deserve.

When you fall in love with a game, the last thing you want is to see it fall into obscurity. There are lots of factors that go into deciding whether a sequel is worthwhile, and sometimes things don’t work out in our favor. Never lose hope, though. Stranger things have happened.