Top four Rick and Morty episodes

Rick and Morty is regarded as one of the best animated sitcoms of all time. The series was created by comic masters Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and the high-concept storytelling, absurd humor, and emotionally raw characterization of the series are hard to match. It has a loyal following of people who simply can’t get enough of the comedic plot and silly characters. Fans are often made to wait months and even years for a new installment, but they do not mind – they simply watch all of the episodes over again.

The series is an animated science fiction program for adults, and just that fact makes it relatively unique. It follows the lives of mad scientist Rick and his grandson, Morty, as they embark on nonsensical adventures through space and time. The popular series premiered in 2013, and its third season finished in 2017.

In addition to having an almost cult following, Rick and Morty has received an overwhelming amount of critical acclaim, and is highly rated across the board. It has also won several awards including an Emmy Award in 2018 for Outstanding Animated Program.

Fans were happy to learn that after the recently concluded third season, Rick and Morty was renewed for 70 more episodes, over an unknown number of seasons. Now, all that’s left to do is wait for them to be released. Let’s look at some of the best episodes from the first three seasons of Rick and Morty so far, as we wait patiently for the fourth season.

Total Rickall (S2E4)

The Smith household, where Rick and Morty live with their family, is invaded by an alien parasite that takes root in the host’s memories. The episode has a slate of one-off side characters like Hamurai, Sleepy Gary, and Photography Raptor. It shifts gear from amusement to crushing emotional drama as the Smiths feel the full impact of their memory being torn to shreds. Total Rickall is one of those episodes that sums up the series best.

Rixty Minutes (S1E8)

The Smiths are introduced to Rick’s interdimensional cable box in this episode, which opens up a multiverse of bad television for them. It delivers a constant stream of bizarre clips and has introduced popular characters like Ants in my Eyes Johnson, Two Brothers, and Gazorpazorpfield.

Mortynight Run (S2E2)

Rick and Morty are at loggerheads in this episode as Morty insists on protecting a rogue alien with a very strange name. There is also a wonderful subplot involving Morty’s father, Jerry, in this episode where Jerry meets dozens of his alter-ego in a Jerry-only daycare.

The Wedding Squanchers (S2E10)

The episode begins as a lighthearted celebration of Birdperson and Tammy but ends up in chaos as the Galactic Federation sets its sight on Rick. Rick is left with no choice but to sacrifice himself with Earth under occupation and the Smith family grappling to adjust to life on their remote new alien home.

Rick and Morty is a series that is made up of many well-written episodes. We can’t wait to see what other crazy and comical situations the writers think of in the future.