The top animated series that are not for kids

Cartoons are just for kids, right? Wrong! While you’ll find many of the biggest kids shows are animated, that doesn’t mean the genre is strictly for younger audiences. Many older viewers are starting to tune in to cartoons, and animators are taking notice. In recent years, a higher number of series have been produced that are made strictly for adults, or teenagers at the youngest. These shows have more freedom to be dark, crass and inappropriate whenever it suits them, all the while still being funny. If you need something to watch that’s more suited to your age range, we may have found the animations for you.


As a show that acted as a spin of off “Beavis and Butt-Head,” there were no expectations that Daria would be wholly suitable for a younger audience. The series was aimed more at teenagers and older who would be able to appreciate the sarcasm that laced most of the titular character’s commentary. Daria’s misanthropic view of the world can be pretty strong to take on, especially on a comedy series, and only mature audiences can connect with her bleak viewpoint. The more life experience you have, the more relatable she becomes as a character.


With an animation style that’s completely different from what most other shows are putting out there, Archer already stands out from the crowd. It’s not just it’s comic art style that makes the series worth watching, though. With plenty of dry humor and intelligent references, this is one show that can only truly be appreciated by an adult audience. Kids wouldn’t understand the wit in what these characters say, nor would they be suited to the topics of Oedipal issues and intercourse that are regularly featured on the show.

Robot Chicken

Another series that utilizes a different animation style, Robot Chicken is all about stop motion. With five Emmy awards behind it, this is one show that hasn’t failed to impress. Although the series might not be afraid to take on franchises beloved by children, what they do with them isn’t always suitable for younger eyes. The show isn’t afraid to go extreme with its visuals and can even get creepy at times, which is why so many adults have warmed to its satirical nature.

Family Guy

Family Guy is like The Simpsons, but more inappropriate. While Matt Groening’s cartoon might have plenty of crude jokes, they’re usually so subtle that a kid wouldn’t pick up on them. Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to be blunt with its racy humor. In fact, it puts it out there very clearly for everyone to see. For adults, that can be pretty funny sometimes, especially when it’s coming from the mouth of an anthropomorphic dog. Over the years, it’s done more to try and stun its audience. Even adult viewers have sometimes considered the show as going too far, although that hasn’t stopped them from watching.

Rick and Morty

One of the greatest success stories in recent years, Rick and Morty is doing pretty well for itself. Although only three seasons have aired since 2013, the show was confirmed to receive another 70 episodes in May 2018. Clearly, the viewers can’t get enough of the adult adventures between Rick and his grandson Morty. Maybe that’s because the show isn’t afraid to be smart as well as inappropriate. It uses intellect to create storylines and humor that would go way over the head of any child, although with all the gore the series features, no kids should be watching it anyway.

With more adults finding their favorite shows in cartoons nowadays, the animation industry is doing better than ever. Let’s just hope it stays this way, and we keep getting even greater series to binge on.