Superheroes that still don’t have their own movie

We’re gonna be totally honest with you; there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t dream about donning our cape and flying the skies to save the world from the bad guys. Sure, we may have told our mom that we grew out of the superhero phase – but can you really grow out of the superhero phase? We think not. Whether you’re a fan of The Incredibles (especially Jack Jack), whether you’re a devoted DC follower, or whether you’re all about that Marvel life, you’ll know that there are certain superheroes that reign supreme. But what about the superheroes that still don’t have their own movie?


If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might be familiar with the name Nova. This is because we’ve seen the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy (AKA one of the greatest movies of all time). Yet, we bet you didn’t know that the Nova Corps was actually created by the legendary Nova – also called Richard Ryder. With the ability to fly through space, create energy blasters and create incredible force fields, Ryder is the kind of superhero we all want to be. So where is his movie? Rest assured we’ll be writing a strongly worded letter to Stan Lee…

Moon Knight

Ever wanted to see a superhero run by the moon? Moon Knight is your guy! This superhero may be a little creepier than your average Marvel superhero, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as cool. His comic book story brings aspects of mental health to light and follows the story of this super as his moods change by the brightness of the moon. How cool is that?! In the past, Moon Knight has helped the Avengers, he’s battled some of the darkest villains in the universe, and he’s even been a street fighter. We think that deserves a movie, don’t you?


Okay, so The Hulk has had a bit of a weird ride within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before Mark Ruffalo came along and changed the game forever, The Hulk was not the kind of superhero we could get behind. Critics thought the movies were awful, people couldn’t resonate with the character, and he was just another superhero who blended into the (green) background. Perhaps this is why She-Hulk hasn’t been given her chance to shine just yet? Well, considering the success of The Hulk in recent years, we’d love to see his female counterpart make her way onto our screens.

Captain Britain

God save our gracious Captain Britain! Just like Captain America, Captain Britain uses his superpowers to protect his precious country. With the ability to fly, use his super strength and fight any contender that comes his way, many people have suggested that Captain Britain could definitely beat Captain America in a fight – so why hasn’t he been given his chance? Perhaps he’s so busy working for MI-13 and Excalibur that he just doesn’t have time to shoot a movie too.


We hate to call out a multi-billion-dollar corporation, but where are our leading ladies at? In the past, superhero movies have been overrun by male superheroes. Sure, women have made their appearance as supporting characters, but they have never been given their own title movie. We think it’s about time that changed! In our eyes, the best way to do this would be to bring Spider-Woman into the mix. As a solid member of S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra, Spider-Woman has proven over the course of her career that she is worthy of her own movie. Let’s hope she’s next after Captain Marvel…

If you’re just as obsessed with superheroes as we are, you’ll know that there’s nothing better than getting down to the nitty-gritty of some of the smallest characters. Yet, what’s cool about these characters is that they’re not small at all – they’re awesome! This is why they need their own movies, like, now.